Theodoridis, Yannis

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    Theodoridis Ioannis

  • Role: Professor
  • Department:

    Department of Informatics

  • Office: 501/Main Bld.
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    +30 210 4142449

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  • Professor Yannis Theodoridis is faculty member with the Department of Informatics, Dean of the School of Information and Communication Technologies, and Director of the Data Science Lab, University of Piraeus. He also participates is several boards, including the Scientific Council of IMIS - Athena RIC and the General Assembly of the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI). He serves or has served at the editorial boards of ACM Computing Surveys (2016-) and the Int'l Journal on Data Warehousing and Mining (2005-), the Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases - SSTD endowment (2010-), as general co-chair for SSTD'03, ECML/PKDD'11 and PCI'12, PC vice-chair for IEEE ICDM'08, and PC member for several conferences, including SIGMOD / PODS, ICDE, KDD, ICDM, etc. Since 2001, he has participated as project coordinator or scientific / technical manager in a number of EU-funded research projects, with Horizon 2020 projects datAcron (2016-18), DART (2016-18), and Track-and-Know (2018-20) being the ongoing ones. His research interests include Data Science (big data management & analytics) for humans’ mobility-related information. He has co-authored three monographs and more than 100 refereed articles in scientific journals and conferences with over 10,000 citations so far, according to Google Scholar. He holds a Dipl. Eng. (1990) and Ph.D. (1996) in Computer Engineering, both from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).


    Selected publications:

    1. Andre Salvaro Furtado, Luis Otávio Campos Alvares, Nikos Pelekis, Yannis Theodoridis, Vania Bogorny: Unveiling movement uncertainty for robust trajectory similarity analysis. International Journal of Geographical Information Science 32(1): 140-168 (2018)
    2. Nikos Pelekis, Panagiotis Tampakis, Marios Vodas, Christos Doulkeridis, Yannis Theodoridis: On temporal-constrained sub-trajectory cluster analysis. Data Min. Knowl. Discov. 31(5): 1294-1330 (2017)
    3. Kostas Patroumpas, Elias Alevizos, Alexander Artikis, Marios Vodas, Nikos Pelekis, Yannis Theodoridis: Online event recognition from moving vessel trajectories. GeoInformatica 21(2): 389-427 (2017)
    4. Nikos Pelekis, Panagiotis Tampakis, Marios Vodas, Costas Panagiotakis, Yannis Theodoridis: In-DBMS Sampling-based Sub-trajectory Clustering. EDBT 2017: 632-643
    5. Stylianos Sideridis, Nikos Pelekis, Yannis Theodoridis: On querying and mining semantic-aware mobility timelines. I. J. Data Science and Analytics 2(1-2): 29-44 (2016)
    6. Nikos Pelekis, Stylianos Sideridis, Panagiotis Tampakis, Yannis Theodoridis: Simulating Our LifeSteps by Example. ACM Trans. Spatial Algorithms and Systems 2(3): 11:1-11:39 (2016)
    7. Elias Alevizos, Alexander Artikis, Kostas Patroumpas, Marios Vodas, Yannis Theodoridis, Nikos Pelekis: How not to drown in a sea of information: An event recognition approach. Big Data 2015: 984-990
    8. Despina Kopanaki, Vasilis Theodossopoulos, Nikos Pelekis, Ioannis Kopanakis, Yannis Theodoridis: Who Cares about Others' Privacy: Personalized Anonymization of Moving Object Trajectories. EDBT 2016: 425-436
    9. Nikos Pelekis, Yannis Theodoridis: Mobility Data Management and Exploration. Springer 2014, ISBN 978-1-4939-0391-7, pp. 1-298
    10. Christine Parent, Stefano Spaccapietra, Chiara Renso, Gennady L. Andrienko, Natalia V. Andrienko, Vania Bogorny, Maria Luisa Damiani, Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis, José Antônio Fernandes de Macêdo, Nikos Pelekis, Yannis Theodoridis, Zhixian Yan: Semantic trajectories modeling and analysis. ACM Comput. Surv. 45(4): 42:1-42:32 (2013)
  • under-graduate level: Databases; Database Management Systems; Data Warehousing and Data Mining; Geographical Information Systems

    post-graduate level: Data Management; Data Mining; Data Analytics; Geoinfo Management; Geoinformatics; Maritime IS

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