School of Finance and Statistics

School of Finance and Statistics

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the website of the School of Finance and Statistics of the University of Piraeus. Our School is one of the four Faculties established at the University of Piraeus within the framework of the  “ATHENA” project concerning the reorganization of the country’s academic map.

It includes two Departments, which treat subjects covering vital research areas that contribute to the development of the Greek economy:

Although the operation of the School began at the end of 2013, the two departments that comprise it have been operating at the University of Piraeus for many years (since 1984 and 1990, respectively) with great success both in education at undergraduate and postgraduate level and in research.

The School aspires to be established and recognized as a center of excellence in education and research, to contribute to the country’s development and social welfare, and to create opportunities for economic and social development of its members. The Departments of the School, with their presence so far in the field of higher education, have already created their own footprint in the promotion of research and the development of undergraduate and postgraduate programs that cover a wide range of knowledge in modern subjects, offering their students comprehensive and modern education. In short, both undergraduate and postgraduate programs are structured like those of the best universities in the world. In all programs, there are core courses that provide the basic background and broad supervision of the scientific subject, as well as elective courses that allow students to design individual study programs tailored to their preferences and future goals, either for continuing their studies at a higher level (further specialization), or for immediate integration into the market.

The professors of the School contribute greatly to ensuring the quality of studies. Their rich research and writing work is internationally recognized and combines theoretical training with practical knowledge since many of them have worked / collaborated with large organizations of the public and private sector. The importance that the School attaches to research (theoretical and applied) is highlighted by the publications of its members in reputable international journals as well as by the fact that it is one of the most important criteria for the recruitment and development of  its members. The international recognition of the School is further highlighted by  the distinctions of the two Departments and their staff. In a spirit of meritocracy, the School seeks to attract the best academic teachers and researchers. That is why notices of new positions are widely publicized.

Research and extroversion, combined with the quality of studies, have led to the high reputation of the two Departments of the School both in Greece and abroad, creating favorable conditions for creative and profitable employment of graduates, but also for continuing their studies in top postgraduate programs in Greece and abroad, often with a scholarship.

One of the main objectives of the School of Finance and Statistics is to strengthen the cooperation between its members for the development of joint educational activities and pioneering research activities that combine the individual subjects of the two Departments that comprise it.

The website of the School and its Departments contains important information for our current and future students, as well as for any other interested party. In particular, there is detailed information on undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study, curriculum vitae of teaching and research staff, as well as a lot of other information regarding the activities of the Departments.

So we invite you to browse our web pages and learn about our educational and research activities and investigate our programs.

The Dean of the School         

Associate Professor Chadjiconstantinidis Stathis