Quality Assurance Unit Structure

Quality Assurance Unit Structure


Quality Assurance Unit members

Quality Assurance Unit Chairman

Σπυρίδων Ρουκανάς

Spyridon Roukanas


Vice Rector for Academic and Administrative Affairs and Student Affairs


Pantelis Pantelidis


Vice Rector for Administrative Affairs, Academic Affairs & Student Affairs


Andrikopoulos Andreas

Associate Professor, Department of Maritime Studies

Χρήστος Δουλκερίδης

Doulkeridis Christos

Associate Professor, Department of Digital Systems

Drivas Kyriakos

Associate Professor, Department of Economic Science

Kopanaki Evangelia

Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration

Κωστόπουλος Κωνσταντίνος

Kostopoulos Konstantinos

Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Management and Technology

 Full Members
Representative of members of the Laboratory Teaching StaffIlias Maragkos
Representative of members of the Specialist teaching staffPelagia Mormori
Representative of members of the Specialist Technical Laboratory StaffIrene Perantonaki
Representative of Visiting Professors, Visiting Lecturers, Visiting Researchers and Contract ResearchersArgyro Mavrogiorgou, Researcher
Undergraduate student representativeNot defined
Representative of postgraduate students and doctoral candidatesNot defined
Head of Secretarial Support Quality Assurance Unit

Varvara Markou, employee under private law for an indefinite period

The term of office of the Commission is five years, i.e. until 21.12.2028.

The meetings of the Commission are attended, without the right to vote, by Ms. Head of the Department of Studies and Student Affairs Chrysoula Fragouli for the administrative support of the Quality Assurance Unit and the Varvara Markou for keeping the minutes of the committee.