Responsibilities of the Senate

Responsibilities of the Senate

The Senate has the following responsibilities and any other responsibilities assigned by the internal regulations of the Higher Educational Institutions unless they have been assigned by law to other bodies of the Higher Educational Institutions, according to Law 4957/2022:

a) Approves the establishment or modification of first, second and third cycle study programmes, including the foreign language study programmes of the Institution, as well as their content.

b) Approves the internal regulations for the operation of the curricula.

c) Approves the institutional catalogue of courses.

d) Submits to the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs an opinion on the establishment, abolition, merger, absorption, division, renaming or change of location of the Schools and Departments of the Institution.

e) Approves the conclusion of collaborations with domestic or foreign institutions or research centers, institutes and technological institutions of Article 13A of Law No. 4310/2014 (A’ 258) for the organisation of inter-institutional study programs of the first, second and third cycle, as well as the protocols for academic or research cooperation with national or foreign institutions.