Student Associations

Student Associations

The Plato Student Association

The Students’ Association of the University of Piraeus “PLATO”, founded in 1978, is the only trade union body of the students of our University. It belongs to the EFEE and is formally administered according to the provisions of its statutes, which are approved by the Court of First Instance of Piraeus. The organs of the Association are the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee. The General Assembly The General Assembly is the supreme body of our Association. All students participate in it. It decides on any matter that does not fall within the competence of another body and also exercises supervision and control over the other bodies of our Association. The Board of Directors…

Ocean Students Association

Oceanos is a non-profit association, politically independent and its members are the students and graduates of the Department of Maritime Studies. It was founded in 1995, in order to better organize the students' activities and to develop and improve communication between the University and the shipping companies. The collective activity of the students through the "Ocean" tightens the relations between them and makes the efforts of the association more effective. The aim is to provide a link between theory and practice, the University and the shipping community by providing mutual benefits. The...

AIESEC Student Association

AIESEC is the largest global youth leadership development organisation on the planet. Founded in 1948 with the aim of achieving peace and maximising human potential, it achieves this by providing practical experience in challenging environments, in particular through its intercultural exchange programmes for young people aged 18 to 30. Some facts about us:-2400 are the universities where we have a physical presence-70.000 are the members who create the intercultural exchanges worldwide-36.000 are the exchanges we carried out in 2016-125 are the countries where we are active More specifically, in Greece, there are 9 local committees in.

AEGEE Student Association

AEGEE Association des Etats Genoraux des Etudiants de I’ Europe (Students’ Movement for the Union of Europe) Site: E-mail: A few words about AEGEE : What is AEGEE? AEGEE (Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l’Europe) is one of the largest interdisciplinary student organisations in Europe. As a non-governmental, politically independent and non-profit organisation, it is open to students and young people from all faculties and disciplines. Founded in 1985 in Paris, it has grown into a network with more than 13,000 members and a presence in over 200 cities…