Rector’s Greeting

Rector’s Greeting


A few words from the Rector


Dear Members of the University of Piraeus, Dear Friends,

The University of Piraeus is a modern, innovative, internationally acknowledged, prestigious university guided by its commitment to excellence in education and research. Over the course of its existence, the University of Piraeus has substantially contributed to the development and foundation of the sciences it services, both on a research level and by creating scientists who staff the private and public sector in our country and internationally.

The University

Based on the values of excellence in teaching and research and by means of developing strategic international cooperations it substantially contributes to the production, organization, and dispersal of knowledge. It also contributes to the creation of leaders characterised by their ability to promote people, enterprises, and society on a national and international level. The cultivation of a mutual respect culture, of solidarity and academic freedom, the creation of appropriate conditions to enhance creativity, to realize potential, and achieve innovation constitute the keystone pillars of our university. Making the most of everybody’s capabilities and with our sight set firmly on the future, we are ready and determined to plan together and materialise an innovative programme of development for the University, Science, and Society. The rectory authorities commit themselves to the value of academic ethics regarding the principle of candour on the performance of their duties.


The University of Piraeus’ mission is based on the principle ‘creating and developing together’ in order to educate confident people, able to operate on an international level who will promote and enhance knowledge through innovative interdisciplinary research. Our goal is to cultivate talents with an international vision, ethical principles, innovative spirit, and practical abilities so that we can respond to the future challenges of society and realise the basic principles of our university following the international standards.

I welcome you to the UNIVERSITY OF PIRAEUS and look forward to building together the University of the Future.