General Information

General Information


General Information about the Electronic Services of the University of Piraeus for Students

Supplementary information is provided in the Study Guide:

Private code

Upon registration of the student at the secretariat of his/her department, a personal username is created, which the student can activate through the service, using their mobile phone number or personal email. The management and recovery of the personal password are then done through the service

Electronic Secretariat

The web application of the Electronic Secretariat operates at address. From this application, the student can:

  • be informed about the courses of the curriculum, the instructors, the recommended textbooks, and the like.
  • submit registration forms and course statements for each semester.
  • be informed about the grades in the courses a student has been examined.
  • receive immediately and in electronic form certificates of attendance.

Academic ID, Student Ticket

Academic ID is mandatory for all enrolled students. It is issued after entering the address using the student's codes and by submitting a relevant application electronically. The academic card also functions as a student ticket (pass) that facilitates travel by public transport.


Beneficiaries of the academic card are successful candidates in the Universities and Technological Educational Institutes of the country after their enrollment in the first year of study. A prerequisite is the registration of first-year students in the secretariat of the school they have been admitted. The new identity card has the shape and form of a credit card and is improved in terms of security against forgery.

For the Participation in the Online Service for the Acquisition of an Academic Identity Please refer to the Terms and Conditions page.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for obtaining the academic identity can be found here.

University Textbooks

The books are distributed through the EUDOXUS service of the Ministry of Education operating at This service records the choice of the textbooks of each semester and provides the relevant information.

The login to the EUDOXUS system is done with the student’s codes.

Wireless network - Wifi

All teaching areas of the University are covered by a free wireless wi-fi network called unipi. Students can connect to it either with a laptop or from a mobile device, without the use of a password.

Vritual Private Network - VPN

The access service to the University’s internal network (VPN service) enables the use of the University’s electronic services from remote locations or networks, such as home Internet connections. Through this service, it is, for example, possible to access the content of electronic scientific books, journals and databases available in the library from workplaces outside the University. More information about this service is available at

Provision of Software for Educational Use

Go to to find out about the software available for educational use. Please follow the installation instructions carefully.


The University operates, under the supervision of the Academic Departments, e-learning systems that support educational work and are hosted by the Department of Computerization at Notes, announcements and other educational materials are posted on these systems. Information on their use is provided by the lecturers. In addition to the central eclass system, some Academic Departments such as the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Digital Systems also have departmental e-learning systems which can be accessed at and respectively.