The student restaurant operates in the building at 78 Tsamadou Street for students entitled to free meals.

Students who enrolled in the Department after passing the qualifying examinations or being selected as graduates for another degree are not entitled to free meals.

Those not entitled to free meals can show their academic ID card and pay a ration of 3.00 euros plus VAT.

Active students of the University of Piraeus, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students are entitled to free meals, provided they do not already hold a degree, postgraduate or doctoral degree respectively, based mainly on their family or individual financial situation and their localization.

Active students are considered:

  • Undergraduate students whose duration of study has not exceeded the semesters required to obtain the degree according to the indicative curriculum, plus four semesters.
  • Postgraduate students whose duration of study has not exceeded the duration of the indicative study programme.
  • Doctoral candidates who are in the first four years of their respective programme.

The requirements for free meals, the necessary documents and the deadlines for applying for free meals are announced by the Department of Student Care.

Phones: 2104142089, 2104142065, 2104142088

Time and place of provision of the student ration

The meals are provided every day of the week in the Club's restaurant from 1 September of each calendar year until the end of the spring semester examinations and is only interrupted during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Opening hours of the student restaurant.

For all weekdays and holidays: 12:30-17:00 (lunch) and 17:00-19:00 (dinner).

Το πρωινό θα προσφέρεται για όλες τις ημέρες κατά τις ώρες 08:00- 09:00.


Only those students whose applications are in the approval status can be fed free of charge at the University's student restaurant upon presentation of their student ID card.

- Students whose applications are in student finalized status will be notified by e-mail of the status of their application review.

- Students whose applications are in resubmission status, with supporting documents in electronic format, must definitely submit the correct documents and finalize their applications by 12/20/2022 in order for them to be evaluated.