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Welcome Note

Ηλίας Μαγκλογιάννης

Welcome to the web pages of the School of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) of the University of Piraeus.

ICT is moving from a classic perimeter approach – in the context of “supporting” technologies, to an approach that characterizes them as necessary technologies at professional, personal and social levels. The growing digital world economy, the digital governance, the e-learning, the e-health, and the 4th Industrial Revolution are representative examples.

The ICT School

The ICT School of the University of Piraeus as an educational and research ecosystem successfully responds to the continuous evolving and growing educational and research challenges, being timely adapted to address them.

Towards excellence, the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the ICT School’s Departments have been structured in a way that makes them modern and flexible in order to be constantly improved and adapted to new educational and research developments. They offer students cognitive background and skills, contributing to a high level of scientific education and specialization.

An additional pillar of activities is the conduct of cutting-edge research in the objects tackled by the Departments of the School. Innovative results of basic, applied and technological scientific research, international collaborations, European collaborative research projects, and in general the overall scientific activity rank the School among the top ones in Europe.

With respect to its academic character, the ICT School focuses on the development of strategic collaborations and seeks to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge by strengthening the cooperation with institutions, agencies and companies at national and international levels.

All the aforementioned are feasible through a coherent and productive ecosystem of educators, researchers, students and administrative staff. The School is staffed by Faculty Members with internationally recognized academic and research activity, Laboratory Teaching Members, Special Technical Teaching Members and Scientific Associates who contribute to the multi-dimensional activities of the School, as well as the Administrative Staff that supports all these activities.

We urge you to browse the School’s web pages to be informed about our educational and research programs, and to become aware of our scientific, teaching, research and development activities.


Dr. Ilias G. MAGLOGIANNIS is the Director of the Computational Biomedicine Laboratory in the Dept of Digital Systems in the University of Piraeus ( He received a Diploma in Electrical & Computer Engineering and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Informatics from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) Greece in 1996 and 2000 respectively, with scholarship from the Greek Government. From 1996 until 2000 he worked as a Researcher in the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory in NTUA ( From February of 2001 until June 2008 he was with the Dept of Information and Communication Systems Engineering in University of the Aegean (, from 2008 until 2013 he was Assistant Professor in the Dept of Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics in the University of Thessaly ( and in the beginning of 2013 he joined the Dept. of Digital Systems in the University of Piraeus. He has been principal investigator in many European (i.e. H2020: PolicyCloud, CROWDHEALTH, UNCAP, AGILE, FP7: e-LICO, INHOME, FP6: UNITE, NOMAD, TELEMED, FP5: MOMEDA, INTRACLINIC) and National Research programs, while he has also served as external evaluator in R&D projects for the EU, the Botnar Research Center, the Government of Hong Kong, the Republic of Portugal, Czech, Cyprus and Greece. His scientific interests include Biomedical Informatics, Image processing and Computer Vision, Multimedia and Video processing, Mobile and Pervasive Healthcare Systems, Ambient Assisted Living. His published scientific work includes three (3) books (Springer, IOS press and Morgan Claypool Publishers), 130 journal papers and more than 200 international conference papers. Dr. Maglogiannis has received more than 8300 citations on his published work (h-index=42). He served as Associate Editor for the Journals IEEE Biomedical Health Informatics, IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, Journal on Information Technology in Healthcare and he is editorial board member of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing published by Springer, Journal of Healthcare Engineering and Scientific World Journal published by Hindawi and Intelligent Decision Technologies published by IOS Press. Dr. Maglogiannis is a Fellow Member of EAMBES, Senior member of IEEE – Societies: Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Computer, Communications, SPIE – International Society for Optical Engineering, ACM, the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Greek Computer Society and the Hellenic Society of Bioinformatics. He has served as and General Secretary  and Vice- President of the Hellenic Association of Biomedical Engineering  (2015-2019), Vice-President of the Hellenic Association of Computer Engineers (2018-2021) and Vice-Chair of IEEE EMBS Greek Chapter (2020-2023). Dr. Maglogiannis is also since 2014 national representative for Greece in the IFIP technical committee TC 12 and president of IFIP Working Group WG12.5 (AI Applications).

School’s Board

The School’s Board composition during the academic year 2023-24 is as follows:

  • Professor Ilias Maglogiannis, Dean.
  • Professor Maria Virvou, Head of the Department of Informatics, with Deputy Head, Professor Dimitrios Vergados.
  • Professor Georgios Efthymoglou, Head of the Department of Digital Systems, with Deputy Head, Professor Michael Filippakis.
  • Konstantinos Moutselos, representative of Lab & Teaching Staff
  • Aikaterini Poupouza, representative of Technical Staff

(representative of undergraduate students – not assigned yet)

(representative of postgraduate and PhD students – not assigned yet)

School's Secretary

Vasiliki Gkotsi, Secretary of the School
Eugenia Tomara, Secretary of the School’s Dean

Office: Zeas Building, Zeas 80-82 Str., 1st floor
Tel.: (+30) 210-4142097, 210-4142437

School Laboratories

Laboratories of the Department of Informatics

Laboratories of the Department of Digital Systems

'OpenMind' Society

This student community aims to inform fellow students in “Open Source” technologies (indicatively: “Linux Beginners”, “Web Developers”, “Arduino Developers” etc). This is done through regular seminars and lectures that are being organized.

IEEE Society

IEEE University of Piraeus Student Branch (IEEE SB)

The University of Piraeus IEEE Student Branch was officially founded on July the 12th 2004. The formation of this student branch would not have been possible had it not been the 25 undergraduate and 3 doctoral students from the Department of Digital Systems, whom they formed the inaugural functional core along with the scientific counselor of the team Prof. Athanasios Kanatas. The student branch from the first day of its run was actively present and attended several nationwide meetings from similar student groups, as well as in the 1st and 2nd Greek-Turkish meeting which took place at the Democritus University of Thrace in Xanthi and Bogazici University in Istanbul respectively. Its role among others was to organize a significant number of technological and professional speeches and some mini workshops to educate and inform its members on innovative developments in the research and technology fields. Often, it has organized educational trips and visits to companies and institutions engaged in the areas of research and development as well as in the production and distribution of technologically advanced services such as the visit in the Thermopylae Satellite Ground Station owned by the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE). Finally, the student branch is trying in every way possible to assist and engage its members in activities for conveying knowledge and developing healthy competition through various international competitions organized by the IEEE regularly, in some of which the IEEE SB has participated.

Undergraduate Programmes

Department of Informatics: more information is available here

Department of Digital Systems: more information is available here

Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate programs offered by the Department of Informatics

  • MSc Advanced Informatics and Computing Systems – Software Development and Αrtificial Intelligence
  • MSc Digital Culture, Smart Cities, IoT and Advanced Digital Technologies
  • MSc Distributed Systems, Security and Emerging Information Technologies
  • MSc Informatics

(more information about these programs is available here)

Postgraduate programs offered by the Department of Digital Systems

  • MSc Digital Systems & Services
  • MSc e-Learning
  • MSc Digital Communications and Networks
  • MSc Digital Systems Security
  • MSc Techno-economic Management of Telecommunication Systems
  • MSc Law and Information and Communication Technologies
  • MSc Climate Crisis and Information and Communication Technologies
  • MSc Health Care Management – Health Informatics (Inter-University)
  • MSc Digital Health and Analytics(Inter-University)
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence(Inter-University)

(more information about these programs is available here)

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Contact Info

Professor Ilias Maglogiannis, Dean
Office: Central Building, Karaoli & Dimitriou 80, 3rd floor, office 306B
Tel.: 210-4142840

Vasiliki Gkotsi, Secretary of the School
Eugenia Tomara, Secretary of the School’s Dean
Office: Zeas Building Zeas 80-82 Str., 1st floor
Tel.: (+30) 210-4142097, 210-4142437

The Departments of the ICT School

Στοιχεία Επικοινωνίας

Phone number 210-4142097, 210-4142437