Sotirios Varelas

Sotirios Varelas

Βαρελάς Σωτήριος

Full name: Sotirios Varelas

Role: Assistant Professor

Department: Department of Tourism Studies

Office: 430/Main Bld.


Phone/Fax: +30 210 4142209

Website: Personal page link

Dr Varelas Sotirios is an Assistant Professor at Tourism Studies Department – University of Piraeus with the academic field “Strategy of Hospitality Business and Tourism Organizations”. Holds a Ph.D degree in Business Administration from the Department of Business Administration – University of Piraeus at the field of Hospitality Strategic Management. He graduated from the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science of Piraeus University and also awarded his MBA-TQM from the Department of Business Administration at the same University. He has 12 year working experience as scientific advisor on tourism  organizations and used to be co-founder and manager of a start up business related to virtual tourism. At the past he used to be special advisor at the Ministry of Tourism, Greek National Tourism Organization and the Region of Peloponnese. He has cooperated with many research centers such as the Regional Development Institute, the Laboratory of Policy Evaluation and Development Programs and the Research Center of the University of Piraeus. He also teaches in the Postgraduate Programs of Tourism Management and Business Administration of the University of Piraeus and in the Undergraduate Program in Tourism Management of the Hellenic Open University. From 2010 he has taught at several academic and business organizations such as University of Piraeus, University of West Attica, University of Peloponnese, Neapolis University, ATEI Kalamata, Institute of SETE (INSETE), Hellenic Management Association (EEDE) and the Hellenic Airport School of War. He is responsible for students’ internships and academicadvisor’s coordinator in the Department of Tourism Studies. Dr. Varelas used to be the founder and coordinator of the MBA in Tourism Program at Neapolis, coordinator the Centre for International Tourism Research (CITR). He is the President of the Hellenic Chapter of the International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism (IFITT). His scientific works have been published in several international scientific journals and he is a member of the editorial team of several journals and conferences. He often writes articles and participates as a speaker on issues related to tourism and tourism businesses.

Teaching of courses in the undergraduate program of the Department of Tourism Studies:

  1. TSK101. Introduction to Tourism – Tourist Geography (1st semester)
  2. TSK302. International Economics and International Tourism Market (3rd semester)
  3. TSK501. Strategies and Policies for Tourism Development (5th semester)
  4. TSK801. Strategic Management of Tourism Enterprises (8th semester)
  5. TSK615. Contemporary Issues in Tourism (Elective)
  6. TSK616. European Tourism Policy (Elective)
  7. TSK621. Strategic Planning for Investments and Real Estate in Tourism (Elective)
  8. TSPRAK01. Practical Course I (Elective)
  9. TSPRAK02. Practical Course II (Elective)
  10. TSER01-02. Research Project (Elective)

Research papers published in International Scientific Journals (peer reviewed):

  1. Zouni, G., Hatzimarinakis, S. & Varelas, S. (2022) “Tourism Observatories for measuring the COVID-19 impact on tourism,” Journal of Sustainability and Resilience: Vol. 2 : Iss. 1 , Article 2. DOI :
  2. Varelas, S. & Apostolopoulos, N. (2020). The implementation of strategic management in Greek hospitality businesses and organizations during the economic crisis. Strategic Planning and Management of Tourist Destinations, MDPI Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).
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  4. Varelas, S., Kopanaki, E. & Georgopoulos, N. (2020). A Strategic Tourism Knowledge Base for Socio-Economic and Environmental Data analytics – The role of Big Data Analysis. The Małopolska School of Economics in Tarnów Research Papers Collection, ISSN 1506-2635, e-ISSN 2658- 1817c2020, 45(1), pp. 69–76, DOI: 10.25944/znmwse.2020.01.6976
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  17. Varelas, S. (2016), Strategy And Innovation For A New Tourism Environment Outside Competition, International Journal of Development Research ,Vol. 06, Issue, 12, pp.10851-10855.

Research works published in edited volumes (peer reviewed):

  1. Varelas, S. and Georgopoulos, N. (2016), International Research Approach to Strategic Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector, Honorary Volume for Emeritus Professor G. Oikonomou, Research Center of the University of Piraeus. (in Greek)
  2. Varelas, S. and Georgopoulos, N. (2012), The Role of Large-Scale Composite Units in the Sustainability and Regional Development of the Greek Environment, Honorary Volume for Emeritus Professor S. Karvounis, Research Center of the University of Piraeus. (in Greek)

Research works presented at international conferences (peer reviewed):

  1. Varelas, S. & Georgopoulos, N. (2016),  Measurement of Strategic Management Effectiveness in Tourism Enterprises, International Conference on “  Business Economic, Social Science & Humanities” (BESSH), Tokyo, Japan.
  2. Varelas, S. & Georgopoulos, N. (2012), Strategic Destination Management and Branding-The Case of Greece, Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Destination Management and Branding in the Mediterranean Region «Sustainable Tourism in Times of Crisis» Antalya, Turkey.
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  1. “Varelas, S. and Georgopoulos, N. (2021), Theme Parks, Chapter: “Special Interest Tourism”, Sheela Agerwal, Graham Busby, Rong Huang. Pub. Broken Hill.” (in Greek)

Office hours for the fall semester 2023-2024 are:

  • To be announced in the coming period.

Note: By arrangement via e-mail to set the exact time and method of conducting the meeting.