Panagiotis Xenos

Panagiotis Xenos


Full name: Panagiotis Xenos

Role: Assistant Professor

Department: Statistics and Insurance Science

Office: 511/Main Bld.


Phone/Fax: +30 210 4142274

Panagiotis Xenos is Assistant Professor of Insurance Science, at the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science of the University of Piraeus. He has a PhD from the University of Piraeus, Masters studies from Brandeis University (Massachusetts USA), and Boston University (Massachusetts, USA), as well as attended a specialized workshop from York University (UK). He has participated in research programs in Greece (“Excellence II”, “Support for researchers with an emphasis on young researchers- cycle B” of the Ministry of Development), Ms.) and in Europe (Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini and European Commission research program), as well as has prepared various economic studies in the private sector. He has published in highly prestigious Greek and foreign scientific journals on the efficiency and productivity of Public and Private Insurance and Health entities, the methods of compensation of medical professions and services, the management of morbidity risks, the sustainability of the Social Security System, the solvency of insurance companies portfolios, Ms. He has presented relevant studies at scientific conferences and forums in Europe, Asia and Australia. He also participated in the World Health Organization conference in Barcelona in 2015 on the financing of health systems. He is a reviewer of scientific journals and a member of scientific societies.

At the Undergraduate level in the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science, he teaches the courses “Introduction to Insurance”, “Business Insurance”, “Insurance of Natural Persons”, and at the Postgraduate level the course “Health Insurance” in the PMS “Actuarial Science and Risk Management” of of the same Department, as well as the course “Contemporary Issues of Commercial and Insurance Law” in the Interdepartmental PMS “Law & Economy – Master in Law & Economics” of the School of Economics, Business & International Studies of the University of Piraeus.

Research Interests

  • Insurance and Health Economics
  • Social Insurance
  • Private insurance
  • Productivity and Efficiency of Health and Insurance Organizations

Research Programs

  • Research program entitled “Supporting researchers with an emphasis on young researchers – cycle B” of the Ministry of Development with code EDBM103. (September 2019 – today). “Participation in the study: “Decision support system in a regime of uncertainty, in the legal and financial management of civil medical liability cases”
  • Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini and European Commission research program (2014), Participation in the study: “Study measuring the economic/financial/organizational implications for public health/care services of various possible changes to working time rules, in the context of the review of Directive 2003 /88/EC (The Working Time Directive).-VT/2013/120”
  • Excellence I research program of the Operational Program (EP) Education & Lifelong Learning, for Panteion University (2014-2015). Participation in the study: “Informal Social Protection, the Hybrid Welfare State and the dynamic evolution of the Economic Crisis in Greece”


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  • Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders, University of Rome, 2022. Paper Presentation: Georgakis V, Xenos P. (2022). Healthcare risk management: The contribution of statistical machine learning methods in hospital infections. (included in the book of abstracts)
  • 3rd International Conference on Management of Health Units, International Hellenic University, 2022. Paper Presentation: V. Georgakis, P. Xenos: The Impact of hospital infections on patient safety, a systematic review in the era of big data. (Included in the book of abstracts)
  • 2nd Scientific Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Greece, University of Athens, 2019. Paper presentation: M. Nektarios, S. Hatzikonstantinidis, P. Tinios, P. Xenos. Public-Private Partnerships in natural disaster insurance: The case of Greece. (Summary included in minutes)
  • 6th Panhellenic Conference of Medical Laboratory Technologists, Athens, 2019 Paper presentation: D. Vasdekis, P. Papalexis, P. Xenos. Fully automated biopathology laboratory: SWOT analysis. (Summary included in minutes)
  • 2nd Panhellenic Conference on Technology, Economy and Management, Piraeus, 2018 Paper presentation: A. Konstantopoulos, P. Xenos, A. Vozikis, I. Yfantopoulos. The Impact of the Crisis on Health Expenditure: Clustering of OECD Countries by Various Health Factors. (Summary included in minutes)
  • 4th Panhellenic Congress of Emergency Medicine, Athens, 2018. Paper presentation: D. Gardiklis, P. Xenos, M. Houzouris, G. Charalambous. Study of the Efficiency of Emergency Cases of a Greek Hospital, using quantitative and qualitative indicators. (Summary included in minutes)
  • 31st Panhellenic Conference on Statistics, Lamia, 2018. Paper presentation: M. Houzouris, P. Xenos, M. Nektarios, P. Tinios: Behavioral abnormalities and irrational behaviors in the assessment of cognitive abilities (Abstract included in the proceedings)
  • 44th Annual Panhellenic Medical Conference, Athens, 2018. Paper presentation: Houzouris M, Gad S, Xenos P, Tinios P, Nektarios M. Behavioral approaches and social networks in the demand for health care providers: A European survey. (Summary included in minutes)
  • 44th Annual Panhellenic Medical Conference, Athens, 2018. Paper presentation: . Xenos P, Konstantopoulos A, Houzouris M, Poulakis K, Nektarios M, Yfantopoulos I. Cost-efficiency assessment of NHS hospitals per clinic during the period 2012-2016. (Summary included in minutes)
  • Forum for Health Economics and Policies, Lefkada, 2018. Paper presentation: Xenos P. The distribution of health expenditure in Greece and in the OECD countries through the Clustering technique (Summary included in the minutes)
  • Forum for Health Economics and Policies, Kamena Vourla, 2017. Paper presentation: Xenos P. The future of health care insurance: complementarity and competition between the public and private sectors. (Summary included in minutes)
  • 11th European Congress of Emergency Medicine, Athens, 2017. E-poster presentation in the topic Administration & Healthcare Policy: Charalambous G, Mpalasopoulou A, Xenos P, Chouzouris M. The Emergency department of “Hippocration” hospital: performance, lessons and challenges (Included in the book of abstracts)
  • 43rd Annual Panhellenic Medical Conference, Athens, 2017. Paper presentation: Houzouris M, Hyosung J, Xenos P. Balasopoulou A, Charalambous G. Method for calculating emergency department overcrowding: A field investigation. (Summary included in minutes)
  • 43rd Annual Panhellenic Medical Conference, Athens, 2017. Paper presentation: Houzouris M, Gad S, Xenos P. The effect of economic factors on the mortality rates of the Greek population in the period 2008-2015. (Summary included in minutes)
  • 30th Panhellenic Conference on Statistics, Pyla Cyprus, 2017. Paper presentation: M. Houzouris, J. Hyosung, P. Xenos, A. Balasopoulou, G. Charalambous: Measuring the probability of admission of patients to nursing units through the TEP. (Summary included in minutes)
  • Forum for Health Economics and Policies, Ioannina, 2016. Paper presentation: Xenos P. Planning and operation of the demand side of health services. (Summary included in minutes)
  • European Sociological Association Conference, Sociology of Health and Illness, University of Lisbon, 2016. Paper presentation: Genova A, Tinios P, Xenos P, Quality of service and working times at times of austerity: Italy and Greece compared. (Included in the book of abstracts)
  • 42nd Annual Panhellenic Medical Conference, Athens, 2016. Paper presentation: Xenos P, Nektarios N, Konstantopoulos A, Yfantopoulos I. Efficiency Analysis of Two Stages of Greek Public Hospitals, using qualitative data. (summary included in minutes)
  • 13th Scientific conference “Self-Government and Local and Regional Development: contemporary perspectives”, Hellenic Section of the European and International Society for Regional Science, Institute of Regional Development, Panteion University, 2015. Paper presentation: Xenos P, Georgiadis T, Nektarios M, Tinios P, Examination of the effectiveness of the welfare state in reducing the risk of poverty: Findings from the countries of the European Union based on a non-parametric analysis method for the years 2005-2012 (summary included in the proceedings)
  • Conference entitled: “Informal Social Protection, the Hybrid Social State and the Dynamic Evolution of the Economic Crisis in Greece.”, Panteion University, 2015. Paper Presentation: P. Xenos. Economic inequalities and the welfare state: Comparative efficiency control of the welfare systems of the European Union for the years 2005-2012. (summary included in minutes)
  • 4th Global Business and Finance Research Conference, University of Melbourne, Australia, 2015. Paper presentation: Xenos P, Nektarios M, Polyzos N, Yfantopoulos J, Efficiency Including Quality Output Variable for Greek Public Hospitals Using Non-Parametric Technique. (Included in the book of abstracts)
  • World Health Organization Office for Health Systems Strengthening European Division, Barcelona, 2015. Συμμετοχή και παρουσίαση εργασίας: P Xenos. Financing of the Greek Health System.
  • 27th Panhellenic Conference of the Hellenic Statistical Institute, Thessaloniki, 2014. Paper presentation: M. Chouzouris, K. Poulakis, G. Nektarios, P. Xenos. Efficiency analysis of Lloyd’s Syndicates: A DEA approach. (Included in the book of abstracts)
  • International Scientific Conference for Doctoral Students and Young Researchers, EDAMBA, University of Economics in Bratislava, 2014. Paper presentation: Xenos P, Nektarios M, Polyzos N, Tinios P, Yfantopoulos J, Efficiency and Productivity Analysis of the Largest Public Hospitals in Greece during the Crisis Period 2009-2012: A Malmquist Index Approach.  (Included in the book of abstracts)