Department of Teaching Staff

Department of Teaching Staff


  • The handling of all matters relating to the process of advertisement, appointment or recruitment, promotion, tenure, relocation, retirement, resignation and the general service status of faculty members, members of the academic staff, scientific collaborators and other teaching staff.

  • The adoption of the relevant acts.

  • The granting of all kinds of permits.

  • The issuing of salary scales and allowances.

  • The issuing of certificates and academic identities of teaching staff.

  • The monitoring of legislation relevant to the above issues and record keeping.

  • Any other matter arising from the applicable legislation.


Full nameDepartmentTitlePhoneOfficeE-mail
Zacharis TheodosiosDepartment of Teaching StaffDE Administrative -Logist. +30 210 4142446340/Main
Lyberopoulou AthenaDepartment of Teaching StaffDE Administrative -Logist. +30 210 4142223340/Main