Christy Agapitou

Christy Agapitou

Αγαπητού Χρύσα

Full name: Christy Agapitou

Role: Assistant Professor

Department: Department of Tourism Studies

Office: 702/Lambr. 126 Bld.


Phone/Fax: +30 210 4142467

Website: Personal page link

Christy Agapitou is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Tourism Studies at the University of Piraeus. She teaches in postgraduate programs of leading universities while her academic research focuses on Business Strategy, Crisis Management in Tourism, Local Government and Digital Transformation.

He has many years of experience and expertise as a business consultant to companies in the areas of strategy, business plan, digital technologies, and local government. She has created her own business in the field of sports tourism, she was the Head of the Career Office of the University of Piraeus actively supporting young people in their first professional and business steps and the Career Office of the MBA International of the Athens University of Economics and Business.

She has been an auditor at the Large Companies Control Center of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue.

Teaching of courses in the undergraduate program of the Department of Tourism Studies:

  1. TSK405. Tourism Entrepreneurship (4th semester)
  2. TSK516. Tourism Education and Training (Elective)
  3. TSK617. Tourism and Crisis Management (Elective)
  4. TSK514. Supply Chain Management in the Tourism Industry (Elective)
  5. TSK614. Leadership for Tourism Businesses (Elective)
  6. TSK622. Social Anthropology and Tourism (Elective)
  7. TSPRAK01. Practical Course I (Elective)
  8. TSPRAK02. Practical Course II (Elective)
  9. TSER01-02. Research Project (Elective)

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The office hours for the winter semester 2023-2024 are:

  • To be announced in the coming period.

Note: By arrangement via e-mail to set the exact time and method of conducting the meeting.