Alexandra-Paraskevi Chytiri

Alexandra-Paraskevi Chytiri

Χυτήρη Αλεξάνδρα-Παρασκευή

Full name: Alexandra-Paraskevi Chytiri

Role: Assistant Professor

Department: Department of Tourism Studies

Office: 430/Main Build.


Phone/Fax: +30 210 4142202

Website: Personal page link

Alexandra-Paraskevi Chytiri is currently a Senior Lecturer in Human Resources Management and Tourism, at the Department of Tourism Studies at University of Piraeus. She has worked (as Senior Lecturer, Lecturer and Adjunct Lecturer or Visiting Professor) for the University of De Montfort, UK, University of Kent, UK, The International University of Greece, Athens University of Economic and Business (AUEB), Hellenic Open University, University of Patras, Neapolis University of Cyprus and IST College (programs of London Southbank University and the Catholique University of Lyon), in their undergraduate, postgraduate, executive, apprenticeship and distance learning programs. She holds a PhD in Human Resource Management (HRM) from Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), an MSc in General Management and an MA in HRM, both from University of Kent, UK, and a bachelor in Business Administration, from University of Piraeus. She has undertaken Post-doctoral research in Athens University of Economics and Business. She has supervised numerous dissertations (postgraduate and undergraduate) and PhDs. She has undergone extensive training on Research Methodology, in University of Kent, the British Academy of Management and AUEB. She also holds a certificate in Research Supervision and in Teaching (PGCertLTHE) and she is fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She has attended several conferences and workshops worldwide. Her research interests are in the areas of HRM, Organisational Performance, The link of HRM practices and Organisational Performance, Employee Performance, HRM in crisis, HRM in Hospitality Industry, HRM in Tourism, New Trends in HRM and HR practices, HRM in practice, Employee Skills, Workplace environment, Employee Well-being and satisfaction, Work-life Balance, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development. She is an active researcher and has participated in several funded projects in Greece and abroad. Her articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, edited books and magazines worldwide. She has contributed in textbooks with a number of chapters. She is an editor of the International Journal of Human Resource Management, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Journal of Organisational and Innovation Studies, Sustainability Journal. She is a reviewer for the British and American Academy of Management Conferences. She has also acted as a reviewer for the European Academy of Management Conferences and for the International Human Resource Management Conference. She is an acting member of the National Skills Committee and has participated in Selection panels for the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection. She has been the Erasmus+ Coordinator for the department of Tourism Studies at University of Piraeus.

Teaching of courses in the undergraduate program of the Department of Tourism Studies:

  1. TSK103. Introduction to Management (1st semester)
  2. TSK204. Human Resource Management in Tourism Enterprises (2nd semester)
  3. TSK503. Organization and Management of Hotel Enterprises (5th semester)
  4. TSK603. Organization and Operation of Modern Travel Agencies (6th semester)
  5. TSK702. Total Quality Management for Tourism Enterprises (7th semester)
  6. TSER01-02. Research Project (Elective)

Published Works (peer-reviewed):

  • Konstantinos Tsirkas, Alexandra–Paraskevi Chytiri, Athanasia Bouranta (2020) “The gap in soft skills perceptions: A dyadic analysis”, Education and Training Journal, 62(4), pp. 357–377, DOI 10.1108/ET–03–2019–0060.
  • Alexandra–Paraskevi Chytiri, Leonidas Chytiris (2020), “The Contemporary Themes of Leadership Theories”, Honorary Volume for Professor Nancy Papalexandri, Athens University of Economics and Business, Benou Publications, pp. 389–409. (In Greek)
  • Alexandra–Paraskevi Chytiri (2019), “Career Paths of General Managers in 5* and 4* Hotels in Greece”, University of Piraeus Research Center, Monograph, pages 98. (In Greek)
  • Alexandra–Paraskevi Chytiri (2019), “Human Resource Manager’s Role in the Digital Era”, SPOUDAI Journal of Economics and Business, 69(1–2), pp. 62–72.
  • Loukas Anninos and Alexandra–Paraskevi Chytiri (2019), “The Magnificent ‘I’ in Business Education: Evidence from Greece”, Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, DOI 10.1108/JRHE–02–2019–0031.
  • Alexandra–Paraskevi Chytiri, Fragkiskos Filippaios, Leonidas Chytiris (2018), “Hotel Recruitment and Selection Practices: The case of Greek Hospitality Industry”, International Journal of Organisational Leadership, 7(33), pp. 324–339.
  • Alexandra–Paraskevi Chytiri, David Guest, Leda Panayotopoulou, Nancy Papalexandris (2018), “Human Resource Management and Performance in crisis in the 21st century in Greece”, Honorary volume for Professor G. Economou, University of Piraeus Research Center, pp. 609–635.
  • Alexandra–Paraskevi Chytiri (2018), “Organizational (or corporate) culture: Formation factors, impacts, and measurement,” Honorary volume for Professor G. Economou, University of Piraeus Research Center, pp. 551–564. (In Greek)
  • Alexandra–Paraskevi Chytiri (2018), “Capability Analysis: An alternative or complementary method to job analysis?” Honorary volume for Professor P. Malliaris, University of Piraeus Research Center (accepted, publication of the honorary volume pending). (In Greek)
  • L.N. Anninos, A. P. Chytiri and L. Chytiris (2012) “Identifying Students’ criteria for MBA Studies in Greece and abroad”, Honorary volume for Professor S. Karvounis, University of Piraeus Research Center, pp. 67–82.

Articles (non-peer-reviewed)

  • Alexandra–Paraskevi Chytiri (2021), “Greek Tourism Dominated by Men”, To Vima tis Kyriakis, December 12. (In Greek)
  • Alexandra–Paraskevi Chytiri (2017), “The Relationship Between Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Performance in a Crisis Environment”, HR Professional Magazine, February 2017, issue 139. (In Greek)
  • Loukas Anninos, Alexandra – Paraskevi Chytiri (2012), “Exploring Students` Selection Criteria for MBA studies: The Case of Greece”, Anglohigher, The Magazine of the Global English Speaking Higher Education, 4(2), 13–15.

Book chapters:

  • “Capability Analysis,” in L. Hytiris Human Resource Management, 2018, E. Benou Publications, ch. 2, pp. 61–72.
  • “Case Study,” in L. Hytiris, Human Resource Management, 2018, E. Benou Publications, pages 5.
  • “Organizational Culture,” in L. Hytiris, Organizational Behavior, 2017, E. Benou Publications, pp. 441–456.


Office hours for the fall semester 2023-2024 are:

  • Monday: 11:30-13:30
  • Friday: 12:30-14:30

Note: By arrangement via e-mail to set the exact time and method of conducting the meeting.