Accounting Department

Accounting Department


  • The collection and processing of data for the preparation or revision of the budget, as well as ensuring its timely submission for approval or amendment.

  • Monitoring the budget and recommending solutions to problems encountered in its implementation.

  • The diligence and recommendation for the approval of the requested expenditure by the competent bodies and the processing of the approval decisions.

  • Diligence in the provision of certifications regarding the availability of appropriations for the execution of expenditures and for the approval of appointments, affiliations, transfers and promotions of all types of University staff.

  • The recommendation to take the measures required for the timely funding of the Institution by the state and other competent bodies, as a start of the relevant procedures.

  • Ensuring the timely establishment and collection of revenue and the issuance of the relevant collection documents.

  • Keeping the necessary books and records.

  • The collection of supporting documents, the verification of their legality and completeness and the recognition – clearance and payment of all general expenses of the Institution.

  • The issuing of money orders.

  • The issuing of advance payment orders and their reimbursement.

  • The management of the fixed advance.

  • Keeping the necessary books and records.

  • Responsible for the preservation of original documentary evidence and accounting transactions and all relevant documentary evidence and records for each departmental action.

  • The preparation of the report and balance sheet and their submission for approval.

  • The delivery of copies of invoices for the purchase of all types of non-consumable material to the Purchasing and Property Department.

  • The operation of a cash register.


Full nameDepartmentTitlePhoneOfficeE-mail
Alevizos PanagiotisAccounting DepartmentDE Administrative -Logist. +30 210 4142243428/Main
Voudouri AnnaAccounting DepartmentTE Administrative -Logist. +30 210 4142236428/Main
Pirovolikou TheodoraAccounting DepartmentPE Administrative -Logist. +30 210 4142244428/Main
Skretis GeorgiosAccounting DepartmentTE Administrative -Logist. +30 210 4142214428/Main
Halkia PanagiotitsaAccounting DepartmentPE Administrative -Logist. +30 210 4142371428/Main
Psalida EugeniaAccounting DepartmentDE Administrative -Logist. +30 210 4142371428/Main