Internal Quality Assurance System

Internal Quality Assurance System


The University’s internal quality assurance system covers a range of principles, criteria and regulations, the proper functioning of which is evaluated periodically. It is based on a solid quality management system which consists of an organisation, logistical means and human resources dedicated to the achievement of the maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality of the characteristics of the services provided (general operation, educational and research work and the like). The ultimate goal of this approach is to meet the expectations and requirements of the recipients of the ‘educational products’ produced by the Higher Education Institutions.

In order to be certified, an internal quality assurance system must be governed by certain general criteria such as, in particular (Law 4009, article 72, paragraph 2):

(a) the establishment of clear and defined objectives to ensure and continuously improve the quality of the institution’s curricula and services,

(b) the policy planning process, effective organisation and decision-making process for continuous quality improvement,

(c) the process of implementing the policy for continuous quality improvement; and

(d) documented quality improvement.

The Quality Manual represents an official document of the Internal Quality Assurance System and is used as a guide for its implementation. It consists of:

  1. Processes: each of which is a set of tasks aimed at fulfilling the standard in question. For each process, the input data necessary for its operation are taken into account. The results of the process are called output data.
  2. Procedures: each procedure or set of procedures represents the way a process is implemented, i.e. they are parts of the process. Each procedure has a start, an end and steps, which aim to achieve the expected outcome of the process.
  3. Working instructions: these are descriptions of the stages of procedures or ways of carrying them out.

Note that each process is internally evaluated both in terms of its functionality and its effectiveness.

The following is a detailed presentation of the Institution’s Quality Manual of the University of Piraeus Manual: 

The Internal Quality Assurance System of the University of Piraeus was certified by the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Authority for Higher Education for the period from 1/10/2019 to 30/9/2023, which was taken after the preparation of a Report by a Committee of External Evaluators.