Student Association AEGEE

AEGEE Association des Etats Genoraux des Etudiants de I 'Europe
(Student Movement for the Unification of Europe)



Founded in Paris in 1985. This is a voluntary political independent, non-profit association of students and young scientists with an interest in science and Europe. With more than 18,000 members and representation in over 220 cities.

The AEGEE is the biggest student union across Europe.

The aim of AEGEE is to promote the concept of European identity and cooperation in the European youth and especially the student members of the European community. This purpose is achieved by organizing European conferences and events and scientific interest in addition to pushing forward exchanges and visits a large number of students throughout Europe.

The AEGEE - Piraeus participate in the network and program of action AEGEE. Having members of the Greek students with a European orientation, and strong concerns about national issues and our country's position in Europe, trying through international conferences to promote our national jobs always the best way the community of European students.

The AEGEE - Piraeus involved organizing various events with the main summer event involving University students from all over Europe and also allows its members to participate in conferences and exchanges in other cities in the network.

The AEGEE-founded in 1994 Piraeus and participating in the umbrella and the agenda of AEGEE-Europe. The AEGEE-Piraeus currently has 100 members and many European and local events in assets.

We meet every Friday at 8.00 pm at Papagalino Pasalimani to meet new members, to say the old, to discuss future projects and recommend destinations and activities. Come say hello!



Summer University
SU-Summer University Program for foreign students acquainted with Greek culture
European Week Week in media issues in European universities
Peirasmus Education - stimulation of new members

The activities of AEGEE is open to all members and usually offer accommodation, food and various movements with very low fee.

SKALIDI Daphne President AEGEE - Piraeus
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