Student Association Ocean


The Ocean Club is a nonprofit, political and independent members are students and graduates of the Department of Maritime Studies. Founded in 1995, to better organize the activities of students and developing and improving communication between the University and shipping companies.

The collective involvement of students through the "Ocean" tightens the relationship between them and makes the effort of the club. The purpose is to provide a link between theory and practice, the University and the maritime community to provide mutual benefits.

The means to accomplish the objectives of the association are:

Conferences, cultural events, conferences career, tours and introductory meetings.
Representation at international conferences.
Issue magazine ("The Ocean of Rota"), whose content is related to shipping, collaboration with teachers and businessmen, issuing student newspaper for the Marine Department.
Participation in subsidized European programs.
Provide information to businesses on coverage jobs by graduates of the Department (CVs, dissertations, etc.).
For more information please contact the office:

Ocean - Students and Alumni Association Department of Maritime Studies.
Karaoli and Dimitriou 40, PO 185 34, Piraeus.
Tel / Fax: 4142550.