Student Association Plato

The Association

The Student Association, University of Piraeus "PLATO", founded in 1978 is the only labor organization of students of our University. It belongs to EFEE and typically administered in accordance with the provisions of the statute, which is approved by the Court of Piraeus. Bodies of the Association are: the General Assembly, the Governing Council and the Auditing Committee.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of our Association. In this part all students. Decide on any matter not within the competence of other institutions, and even exercise supervision and control over other organs of our Association.

The Board

The 11-member Board is. Elected each year by universal suffrage on a date determined by the EFEE, together with all other student clubs in the country. The vote is open to all students of our University.

The seats of the Board occupied by representatives of student factions depending on the percentage of votes that would raise the student elections.

Purpose of the Board is to promote and solve the problems facing students in general and our university.

The Auditing Committee

The selection committee consists of representatives of the factions. It meets once a year, just before the student elections and approve the financial report of the Board during the previous year.

The participating students in the institutions of the University of Piraeus (Senate, Rector Council Meetings Departments Asylum Committee) are members of the Student University of Piraeus "Plato" and designated by the Board.