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I welcome you to the official website of the School of Economics, Business and International Studies (EBIS) of the University of Piraeus.

The EBIS School was founded officially in 2013, and it is the biggest School of University of Piraeus since it includes four out of ten academic departments of the University and specifically the academic departments of: 

a) Economics

b) Business Administration

c) International and European Studies

d) Tourism

The first two academic departments are the oldest departments of our University, and they are the successor departments of the School of Industrial Studies that they were founded in 1938. The third Department, even though it is new compared to the year that it was founded, it was integrated rapidly and harmoniously into the infrastructures of the University and the School. The fourth and newly created Department of Tourism Studies (2017) has as its primary purpose to meet the needs of the broadest field of Tourism with higher education executives who will meet all the requirements for an excellent career in all sectors of the Tourism Industry and to all the agencies of tourism.

The sizeable academic family of the EBIS School includes faculty members with internationally recognized academic, research and professional activity, members of EDIP, EIB, EU with many years of experience, and promising undergraduate, postgraduate students, and doctoral candidates. In addition, in the same family belong more than 40,000 graduates of the undergraduate Departments, postgraduate and doctoral programs offered by the Departments of the School, thus staffing in positions of responsibility, companies and organizations of the private and public sector or are distinguished for research and their academic activity, in Greece and abroad. Both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the School are structured in accordance with those of the best universities in the world by introducing innovative learning methods and processes, strengthening interdisciplinary, extrovert orientation with our integration into national and international cooperation networks and mobility.

 In all programs, there are core courses providing the basic background and broad supervision of the scientific subject as well as elective courses which enable students to plan individual study programs tailored to their preferences and future goals or to continue their studies at a higher level. (further specialization), or for their immediate integration into the labour market.

The teachers of the School have a decisive contribution in ensuring the quality of studies. Their rich research and writing work is internationally recognized and combines theoretical training with practical knowledge as many of them have established - collaborated with large organizations in the public and private sector. The importance that the School attaches to research, theoretical and applied, is highlighted by the publications of its members in reputable international academic journals and also by the fact that it is one of the most important criteria for the recruitment and development of its members.


Briefly, the mission of the EBIS School is based on the following four pillars:


Organization of Economic Thought

Empowerment of business and society

Creating leaders with an international outreach

Endorsement of universal values


Guided by excellence in teaching and research and the development of international strategic partnerships, the EBIS School seeks to contribute significantly to the organization and dissemination of knowledge, inextricably linked to the development of economic thought and the creation of leaders who will be characterized by the support of universal values ​​and the ability to promote people, businesses and society nationally and internationally.

Therefore, I encourage you to browse the rich pages of the website of the EBIS School to get to know us, find out what our educational and research activities are, and be informed about the opportunities offered by our programs.


With heartfelt greetings,

Professor Michael Sfakianakis,

Dean of the School of Economics, Business and International Studies


School Details




     Department of Economics

     Department of Business Administration

     Department of International and European Studies

     Department of Tourism


Contact info:

Secretariat Telephone Number: 210.4142249




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