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The purpose of the Union in accordance with Article 2 of the Statute, are:

1. The study and address the problems of Higher Education. The continuous rise in the level of studies and research being done at the University of Piraeus and the orientation towards the scientific, technological, economic, social and cultural development of our country and the European and international arena in general.
2. The defense of academic freedoms and university asylum to the exchange of ideas.
3. The claim of solving the problems associated with scientific and academic development of its members in accordance with applicable laws and decisions.
4. The preservation and protection of the rights of Union members within the academic community.
5. The promotion of the necessary reforms to improve the quality of education, the related improvement of the administrative system and the timely and accurate updating of the overall functioning of the University of Piraeus.
6. Safeguarding and promoting the scientific work of its members.
7. The promotion of professional demands of its members, improving working conditions and economic situation of its members.
8. Promoting partnerships with relevant associations of internal and external to the inter-university cooperation in the science of art and culture.
9. The creation of the publishing unit for non-profit educational needs of the University of Piraeus and members of the Union.
10. The survey conducted by the members of either through it or by establishing research centers and other scientific units.