MSc in Applied Statistics

Since Academic year 2001-02 the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science offers a one and a half - year MSc program in Applied Statistics (two-year until 2010). The main objective of the program is to advance the knowledge and research in the broad and rapidly developing field of Applied Statistics.

Applicants for the MSc Program in Applied Statistics can be graduates of Statistics, Mathematics and Economics related Departments or any other University Departments offering a number of courses in Statistics. The duration of the program is three semesters (three semester courses attendance, last semester thesis preparation) and the lessons are taught in Greek and, occasionally, in English language.

The program offers five specializations:

(a) Statistical methods in Finance 

(b) Statistical Quality Control

(c) Biostatistics

(d) Social Statistics

(e) Statistical methods in Business Planning - Business Analytics

MSc graduates can for example pursue careers in financial institutions as quantitative analysts, in industry as statistical quality control experts, in medical and epidemiological research institutions as biostatisticians or in various governmental positions that require technical statistical knowledge.

Postgraduate Core Modules:

- Regression Analysis and Analysis of Variance

 - Data Analysis Using Statistical Packages

 - Generalized Linear Models

Postgraduate Optional Modules:

- Time Series and Forecasting

 - Statistical Quality Control

 - Clinical Trials

 - Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

 - Risk Management

 - Experimental Design

 - Simulation Methods

 - Statistical Reliability Theory and Life Testing

 - Survival Analysis

 - Biostatistics and Statistical Methods in Epidemiology

 - Applied Multivariate Analysis

 - Categorical Data Analysis

 - Financial Derivatives

 - Quantitative methods in Business Administration

 - Statistical methods in Social Sciences

 - Operations Research and Strategic Business Planning

 - Statistical methods for Data Mining

For more information visit MSc in Applied Statistics web page.