Economic and Business Strategy

The program was created to equip graduates with appropriate expertise and adequate tools to achieve competitive advantage in the labor market.

The financial and operational strategy is fundamental to the structure, organization and operation of businesses in a competitive and constantly changing global environment. Businesses should devise a strategy for their goals and the means they use to achieve them.

Both the uniqueness of the program in the Greek market and the successful progress of graduates since 2006, making it as one of the best options for those with restless and creative spirit.

The program combines the analysis offered by economic theory with practical application, which is enriched and documented through case studies and facts that are members of the market. Specifically, the program has a central thrust of the Economic and Business Strategy is framed by the Financial Analysis and Management of Financial Resources, Economic Analysis of Global Environment and the Strategic Investment Management Business Innovation and Information Technology and the Feasibility Analysis and Project Management .

Our graduates successfully occupy executive positions in large companies such as Alpha Bank, Eurobank, National Bank, Piraeus Bank, Bank of Cyprus, Pricewaterhouse, Thornton, OTE, Wind, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Biomedicine, Box, and others.
If you have high goals and ambitions are invited to apply to a program that is established in the country by setting high standards of scientific practice and documentation. 

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