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Welcome at the Department of Economics

On behalf of all members of our academic community, I welcome you to the Department of Pollalis photo 1
Economics of the University of Piraeus. Our Department is the oldest at the University of Piraeus, and its primary objective is acquiring, promoting and deepening knowledge in the field of Economics, as well as the development of the Department at the local, national, European and international level.

Our vision is a Department of international prestige in the modern academic map, recognizable for its excellence in teaching and research, production and dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge, its leading role in shaping values ​​and addressing contemporary scientific, social and economic challenges, as part of the academic policy of the University of Piraeus.

Our academic and research staff produce studies that consistently rank in the top 10% of the field of Economics in our country, a fact that allows our teachers to offer students of all levels (undergraduate, master and doctoral) cutting-edge knowledge. In turn, this knowledge gives students the background and the capacity to actively participate in the educational process, as well as in our innovative laboratories, contributing the most to the efficiency of the teaching and research staff.

The result is a high level Department, with students and professors of different ages, specializations and experiences, united and oriented towards the common goal of transmitting the knowledge and value of Economics. Starting at the undergraduate level, students are provided with all the necessary skills to be able to meet the increased demands of the labor market . This knowledge is further specialized at the level of postgraduate and doctoral studies, with direct involvement in cutting-edge issues.

In particular, the Postgraduate Program of the Department consists of four directions, which lead respectively to the acquisition of four specialization diplomas (Master) in "Economic and Business Strategy ", in "Health Economics Management ", in the "Economics of Education and Management of Educational Units" and in "Bioeconomics, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development ". In addition, the Department offers a Doctoral degree (Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D.) and a Post-Doctoral degree (Post-Doctorate - Post-Doc). The Department also offers open courses in a wide range of special topics of economic interest through a flexible distance learning program (E-Learning) as part of its commitment to promote economic knowledge among society in general.

Additionally, the Department organizes a number of important seminars for undergraduate and graduate students, linking theory with practice. At the same time , it provides PhD students and faculty members with the opportunity to present their current research activity, as well as to follow the research of distinguished researchers in the context of Research Seminars . 

Finally, our Department hosts the (peer-reviewed) journal SPOUDAI - Journal of Economics and Business , an EconLit international journal, the only one in Greece awarded by the Athens Academy for its continued excellence and contribution to the field.

As a consequence of all the above parameters, our students and alumni are a diverse community of dedicated and talented members of society, who successfully hold executive positions in the private and public sector of the country, as well as in distinguished universities in Greece and abroad.

I hope that this website will help you find answers to at least some of the questions that brought you here, and to understand the spirit that exudes the University and our department.


The Chairman of the Department of Economics,

Professor Yannis Pollalis

Accreditation 2019 1

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