Welcome at the Department of Economics

Economics provides a coherent discipline of analyzing the distribution and growth of scarce human and material resources. Applying economic principles can lead to outcomes that benefit all in a society. Using resources in more intelligent and efficient ways, increases the likelihood of alleviating poverty, mitigating environmental degradation and providing for future generations.

Our Department offers a rich academic curriculum to help you advance your scientific and professional careers. Faculty members vary in background, experience and personality, but we are united in our commitment to teach well and convey to our students the excitement and value of studying economics.

Our Department also has a well-established Graduate Programme, which leads to two Master's degrees: "Economic and Business Strategy" and "Economics of Health Management". It further offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Post-Doctorate (Post-Doc) degrees.

The quality of research in our Department is reflected in the amount of leading journals that publish our work, the competence of existing and recently hired academic staff, the recruit of talented Ph.D. and Post-Doc students as well as the resources and activities devoted to research.

Our Department hosts a number of seminars, which link theory and practice, and directed to the M.Sc. students. In addition, the Department's Research Seminars offer the opportunity to our Ph.D.s and staff members to be exposed to the current work of internationally renowned researchers and policy makers.

Finally, our Department is home to the SPOUDAI - Journal of Economics and Business, an EconLit listed international peer-reviewed journal, awarded by Athens Academy, which features a distinguished broad advisory committee and highly skilled and diversified group of referees. The journal is edited by the University of Piraeus and managed by the Department of Economics. 

This site provides course descriptions, explains the administration and organizational structure of our Department and the services available to its students. 

On behalf of each and every one of us teaching, administrative and support staff, I cordially welcome you at the Department of Economics. 


The Chairman of the Department of Economics,

Professor Demetrius Yannelis