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Transport Economics and Sustainable Mobility Laboratory



The Laboratory of "Transport Economics and Sustainable Mobility" (TESMOL) was established at the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Business and International Studies, and operates under the No 20153196 Min. Decision (Government Gazette 1194 / issue B / 22.06.2015) at the University of Piraeus.

TESMOL’s purpose is twofold: (i) to be a provider of valid and basic applied research promoting the design and development of scientific knowledge and (ii) to cover educational and research needs, in both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level, not only of the Economics Department but also of the Faculty of Economics, Business and International Studies, and of the University of Piraeus in general.


The objective of TESMOL is to undertake research in the fields Economics, Business and Transport Policy (Land, Air and Sea Transport), Project Evaluation, Transport Logistics, Environment and Energy as expressed through the concept of sustainable mobility at international, European, national, regional and local level.

The research activity of TESMOL is focused on promoting scientific knowledge in the abovementioned fields of study.


TESMOL supports the following courses:

  • Transport Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Transport and Maritime Policy
  • Economics of Energy and Natural Resources
  • Transport Management (Department of Business Administration)
  • Transport and Shipping Economics (MSc in Strategy)

Moreover, apart from its main objective of training undergraduate and graduate students in conducting basic applied research (through doctoral dissertations), TESMOL will also elaborate funded research projects. The latter objective will be enhanced through partnerships developed with both the public and private sector for the provision of adequate services in:

  • Research - Projects
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Partnerships with Research programs

TESMOL will aim at collaborating with research centers in Greece and abroad in order to promote the exchange of knowledge, data, and co-generation of research studies related to the subject of the Laboratory. 


TESMOL is staffed with six faculty members from the University of Piraeus whose research and teaching interests are as follows:

Prof. Sambracos Evangelos (Director of TESMOL)
Assoc. Prof. Paravantis Ioannis
Assist. Prof. Eleftheriou Konstantinos
Assist. Prof. Michelacakis Nickolas
Assist. Prof. Polemis Michael
Lecturer Kokores Ioanna

Moreover, Laboratory is staffed with three PhD students, one Post Doc student, ten research assistants and support staff.

TESMOL’s members have participated in more than 30 research projects funded by the private sector, the European Union or national resources, which cover in detail the above scientific fields. The research findings of Diploma theses, Doctoral theses and all of TESMOL’s research activities are published in both scientific journals and conference proceedings.


Department of Economics
University of Piraeus
80, Karaoli Dimitriou Str.
18534 Piraeus - Greece
+30.210.414 2283