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Ph.D. Candidates

Agiropoulos Charalampos Agiakloglou Christos Structural break for time series models.
Armoutaki Archondoula Pollalis Yannis Tax policy of Tobacco Products in Greece: Economic and Social implications.
Bechlioulis Alexandros Economidou Claire The contribution of monetary and macroprudential policy to financial stability.
Dellis Konstantinos Karkalakos Sotirios Economic Growth, Innovation and Debt Sustainability.
Fampiou Elpiniki Fafaliou Irene Enterpreneurship, Innovations and Employment.

Giaka Maria

Fafaliou Irene Developmet of small and medium enterprises and factors that effect their substainability.
Iordanopoulos Panagiotis Karkalakos Sotirios Efficient Pricing in Trasport Systems.
Karamanis Dimitrios Economidou Claire Innovation Efficiency, Patents, and Regulations.
Karpouzis Efstathios Psillaki Maria Hedge fund activist investing and corporate governance.
Katavelis Vasileios Hadjidima Stamatina The Contribution of Tax Expenditures to Economic Growth.
Konstantios Dimitrios Economidou Claire Innovation Efficiency, Trade and Finance.
Koufopoulou Paraskevi Vozikis Athanassios Shadow Economy in Greek Healthcare Sector: Trends, Developments and Prospects.
Letsou Eleni Pantelidis Pantelis   e
Louloudi Konstantina Kottaridi Konstantina FDI and Human Capital: Empirical Evidence of Gender Effects and Education Spillovers t
Makridakis Theodoros Karkalakos Sotirios Economic Growth and CO2 impact: the effect of institutional factors.
Maniati Marina Sambracos Evangelos Macroeconomic performance analysis of banks involved in the international and maritime transport industry.
Mavrakana Christina Psillaki Maria Corporate governance and risk management in banks.
Meggouli Eirini Pantelidis Pantelis Manpower planning in the primary healthcare in Greece.
Moustaferi Evgenia Pantelidis Pantelis The economic effects of immigration in Greek Health System.
Niros Meletios Pollalis Yannis Rebranding as a tool for port development.
Nimorakiotaki Despoina Sambracos Evangelos Investigation of the economic impact on public transportation by the economic crisis.
Paneta Efrosini Pantelidis Pantelis Sector Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment in Greece.
Papala Ioanna Sambracos Evangelos  
Papafilis Michail-Panagiotis Psillaki Maria Εssays on Banking and Finance Issues.
Pachis Athanasios Yannelis Demetrius The relation between local loop unbundling and investment in fixed telephony.
Psachoulias Georgios Karkalakos Sotirios Human capital, trade flows and technology balance g
Rodakos Irodis-Andreas Pollalis Yannis a
Shorelis Anastasios Sambracos Evangelos t
Sidiropoulos Symeon Vozikis Athanassios International and Non-Governmental Organizations (CSOs-NGOs): Economic evaluation of health sector activites and projects
Skarmeas Emmanouil Kottaridi Konstantina Insider information and the ability of insiders to forecast future stock price movements. How the characteristics of market microstructure theory, like the circuit breakers, help in the interpretation of the stock price movements
Sklavos Akis Eleftheriou Konstantinos Factors that define the flow of Foreign Direct Investment in the Greek tourism industry. An empirical analysis.
Stamatopoulos Ioannis Hadjidima Stamatina The cost of the tax system in Greece.
Tsantili Ioanna Hadjidima Stamatina Education and Employee Development: Measuring the economic benefits in Health Industry.
Vasalaki Maria Yannelis Demetrius The long-lasting verification of ECPR and the effect of margin squeeze on consumer surplus
Zikidou Stavroula Hadjidima Stamatina Household health expenditure and the impact of the recession on health: The Greek case.  


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