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The Department of Industrial Management and Technology aims at training students in new technologies and their application to production systems, thus enabling the alumni of the Department to substantially contribute to the rapidly changing market place. The main goals of the Department are to:

provide students with scientific methodology tools which will enable them to organize, analyze, design and implement industrial management systems,

train the students in coping efficiently with the complicated problems that arise from the interdependencies of the human factor, raw materials and modern technologies in the production process.

The course offers two streams of taught subjects, namely (i) physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, mathematics, operation research, statistics, programming and (ii) socioeconomic sciences and subjects related to the cognitive side of management, such as industrial management, the study of the human factor, its activities, behaviour and productivity. The combination of the two streams advances the comprehension of the phenomena encountered in contemporary production and promotes their advantageous manipulation.


Website: www.tex.unipi.gr

Department of Industrial Management & Technology

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