Diamantis V. Gabriel

Additional Info

  • Full Name:

    Diamantis Gabriel V.

  • Role: Professor
  • Department:

    Department of International and European Studies

  • Office: 337/Androutsou Bld.
  • Phone/Fax:

    +30 210 4142735

  • E-mail:

  • Associate Professor Dr.Gabriel V.Diamantis

    Discipline: English for World Politics, Global Economy and Intercultural Communication

    Contact details

    E-mail address: , tel. +30 210-4142735

    Academic Qualifications

    B.A in English and Greek Language and Literature, M.A in Theoretical Linguistics, Ph.D. in Theoretical Linguistics

    Languages: English (fluent written and spoken), Arabic (written and spoken)

    Research interests

    • Intercultural Communication. A New Approach to International Relations and Global Challenges
    • Teaching Oral Academic Presentation Skills
    • Developing Academic Discussion/Debating Skills
    • The Energy Industry and Climate Change Crisis
    • International Political Economy – The Global Economic Crisis
    • Translation Studies- Translating for the European Union Institutions
    • Prospects for Global English-Which languages may rival English as a world lingua franca in the 21st (21 stone = 133 kg) (21 stone (21 stone = 133 kg) = 133 kg) century?
    • English in the Mass Media, Politics and Social Media


    • Member of the Greek Applied Association (GALA)
    • Member of the British Applied Linguistics Association (BAAL)
  • University course books published

    1. G.V.Diamantis, English for World Politics and International Relations, Fedimos publications, 2013
    2. G.V.Diamantis, Writing and Translating in English for International Relations, Fedimos publications Athens, 2013
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                 Global Workforce, P.I.Publishing, Athens, 2005.

    1. Gabriel V.Diamantis, English in Printing Technology, Graphic Design
         and Photography
      , Stamoulis publications, 1992

    Journal Articles

    1. Gabriel.V.Diamantis, Spyros Roukanas, Α brief overview of IPE studies: Teaching IPE in Greek Tertiary Education 2010. European Journal of Social Sciences Volume 16 Issue 4.
    2. S.Roukanas, G.V.Diamantis, The Role of BRICs in the Global Economic/Financial Organisations.2013 to be published.
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    9. Diamantis V.G., Teaching English for Business at tertiary educationlevel - University of Piraeus. An approach of combining subject learningand language learning simultaneously.  (Τιμητικός  τόμος του  Πανεπιστημίου  Πειραιώς εις μνήμην του αναπληρωτή καθηγητή  Δημητρίου  Κοδοσάκη, 2001)
    10. Diamantis, V.G. Body language in everyday life and in the world of business. (Τιμητικός τόμος του Πανεπιστημίου Πειραιώς προς τιμήν της ομότιμης καθηγήτριας κ. Λ. Νικολάου.  2001)
    11.  G.V.Diamantis, The Status of the English Language within an Enlarging EU 
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