Finance Office


  • Τhe collection and processing of data for the preparation ,or reform of the budget and the provision for its timely submission for approval or amendment.

  • Budget tracking and suggestion to address the problems encountered during its execution.

  • Proposal and processing of the approval of the costs claimed by the bodies.

  • Ascertaining the existence of funds for the release of expenditure and for the approval of the appointments, memberships, transfers and promotions of personnel at all staffing levels.

  • Ensuring the timely receipt by the Institution of funding by the state and the other funding bodies.

  • Ensuring the timely acknowledgement and collection of revenues and the issue of the relevant documents.

  • Keeping the necessary books and records.

  • Collecting, examining and confirming the legality of documents, - clearing and payment of all expenditures of the Institution.Issuing payment orders.

  • Issuing prepayment and performance warrants.

  • Manage the fixed down payment.

  • Book keeping.

  • Responsibility for the preservation of the original statements, accounting and all relevant documents and copies/counterfoil.

  • Drawing up the balance and report sheets and submit them for approval.

  • Delivering copies of purchasing invoices and any non-consumable material to the Purchasing and Property Division.

  • Cash till operation.