Administration and Logistics Division


  • The handling of all matters relating to the announcement of new personnel recruitment, appointment, granting tenure and the employment status of the administrative staff of each category.

  • The issuance of the relevant documentation, the granting of all permissions.

  • The issuance of the decisions/documentation relating to staff payroll and allowances.

  • Issuing and inspecting the medical records of administrative staff.

  • Monitoring the legislation related to the issues of administrative staff and informing all the divisions of the institution.

  • Issuing certificates and staff identity cards.

  • Typing and reproduction of documents and various forms.

  • Coordinating ancillary staff such as cleaners, porters, drivers, switchboard operators.

  • The availability of leaflets and instructions on issues related to the Institution.

  • Buildings Security and Maintenance Certification by the Chief Executive Officer, or his legal representative of the accuracy of the photocopies of any documents after their comparison with the original or exact copy thereof.