Apostolou Dimitrios

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  • Full Name:

    Apostolou Dimitrios

  • Role: Associate Professor
  • Department:

    Department of Informatics

  • Office: 303/Lambr. 126 Bld.
  • Phone/Fax:

    +30 210 4142476

  • E-mail:

  • Dr Dimitris Apostolou is Associate Professor in the Informatics Department of the University of Piraeus. He holds a PhD on electrical and computer engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, an MSc in information technology from University College London, UK, an MSc in chemical engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA, and a Diploma Degree in chemical engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. His research concerns group support, intelligent systems and knowledge management. He has ten-year experience in management and technology consulting. His professional experience focuses on the design and management of large-scale IT projects. He has coordinated three EU-funded research and innovation projects and participated in more than fifteen ones. He has more than 35 publications in journals such as IEEE Intelligent Systems, International Journal of Information Management, Expert Systems with Application, Journal of Knowledge Management, Internet Research, more than 90 publications in conference proceedings and one book published by Springer-Verlag. He is a member of the ΙΕΕΕ Computer Society and various national scientific and professional associations.

  • Introduction to Programming with C/C++ (Undergraduate)
    Logic Programming (Undergraduate)
    Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (Undergraduate)
    Group Support Systems (Undergraduate)
    Information Systems (Postgraduate)
    Business Process and Knowledge Management (Postgraduate)

  • Recent Journal Publications:

    • Mikeli, A., Apostolou, D., Despotis, D. A New Recommendation Technique for Interval Scaled Multi-criteria Rating Systems Incorporating Intensity of Preferences, Intelligent Decision Technologies, in press.
    • Bousdekis, A., Magoutas, C., Apostolou, D., Mentzas, G. A Proactive Decision Making Framework for Condition Based Maintenance, Industrial Management & Data Systems, in press.
    • Bothos, E., Apostolou, D., Mentzas, G. Recommender systems for nudging commuters towards eco-friendly decisions, Intelligent Decision Technologies, in press.
    • Apostolou, D., Pattern-based Knowledge Management for eGovernment Service Systems, Internatioanl Journal of Information and Decision Sciences, in press.
    • Patiniotakis, I., N. Papageorgiou, Y. Verginadis, D. Apostolou, and G. Mentzas, Dynamic event subscriptions in distributed event based architectures, Expert Syst. Appl., vol. 40, p. 1935-1946, 2013.
    • Bothos, E., D. Apostolou, and G. Mentzas, Citizen engagement with information aggregation markets, International Journal of Electronic Governance , vol. 5, no. 2, p. 172 - 187, 2012.
    • Bothos, E., Apostolou, D. and Mentzas, G. Collective intelligence with web-based information aggregation markets: The role of market facilitation in idea management, Expert Systems with Applications, 39 (2012) 1333–1345.
    • Papageorgiou. N. Verginadis, Y. Apostolou, D. and Mentzas, G. Event-driven adaptive collaboration using semantically-enriched patterns, Expert Systems with Applications, 38 (2011) 15409–15424.
    • Patiniotakis. I. Apostolou, D. and Mentzas, G. Fuzzy UTASTAR: A method for discovering utility functions from fuzzy data, Expert Systems with Applications, 38 (2011) 15463–15474.
    • Christidis, K. Mentzas, G., Apostolou, D. Supercharging Enterprise 2.0, IEEE IT Professional, July/August 2011.
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    • Christidis, K., Papailiou, N., Apostolou, D., Mentzas, G. Semantic Interfaces for Personal and Social Knowledge Work, International Journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations, 1(1), 61-77, 2011.
    • Bothos, E., Apostolou, D., Mentzas, G. Using Social Media to Predict Future Events with Agent-based Markets, IEEE Intelligent Systems, Nov/Dec 2010.
    • Dimitris Apostolou, Gregoris Mentzas, Ljiljana Stojanovic, Barbara Thoenssen, Tomás Pariente Lobo, A Collaborative Decision Framework for Managing Changes in e-Government Services, Government Information Quarterly, 28 (2011) 101–116.
    • Apostolou, D., Stojanovic, N., Anicic, D., (2009) Responsive knowledge management for public administration: An event-based approach, IEEE Intelligent Systems, Sep-Oct 2009.

    Recent Publications in Conference Proceedings:

    • Star, K., Paraskevopoulos, F., Taramogkou, M., Apostolou, D., Schot, M., Mentzas, G. A Playful Affinity Space for Creative Research, ACM Creativty & Cognition, 10-12 June 2015, Glaskow, UK.
    • Koronakos, G., Sotiros, D., Despotis, D., Apostolou, D. Performance Evaluation of Academic Research Activity in a Greek University: A DEA approach. KES-IDT-2015 7the International Conference on Intelligent Decision Technologies, June 17-19, 2015, Sorrento, Italy.
    • Bousdekis, A., Magoutas, B., Apostolou, D., Mentzas, G. Supporting the Selection of Prognostic-based Decision Support Methods in Manufacturing, ICEIS 2015, Barcelona, Spain, 27-30 April 2015.
    • Paraskevopoulos, F., Taramigkou, M., Bothos, E., Apostolou, A., Mentzas, G. Creative user centric inspirational search. IUI Companion 2014: 25-28.
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    • Magoutas, B., Stojanovic, N., Bousdekis, A., Apostolou, D., Mentzas, G., Stojanovic, L. Anticipation-driven Architecture for Proactive Enterprise Decision Making. CAiSE Forum 2014: 121-128.
    • Taramigkou, M., Paraskevopoulos, F., Bothos, E., Apostolou, D., Mentzas, G. Designing Computational Systems for Serendipity in Learning. EC-TEL 2013: 639-640.
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