Programme structure

 MSc: Sustainability and Quality in Marine Industry


The 12-months intensive MSc programme offers two specializations, “Blue Growth” and “Quality in Shipping”. Each specialization encompasses eight compulsory courses, four in each of the first two terms (each of 7.5 credits), together with a master’s thesis (10 credits) and certified seminars (5 credits) in the third term.

The detailed programme structure follows.

1ST term

(30 credits)

2nd term

(30 credits)

3rd term

(15 credits)

Integrated Coastal Zone Management- Marine Spatial Planning

(7.5 credits)

Environmental Management

(7.5 credits)

Certified seminars

(5 credits)

Quality and safety

(7.5 credits)

Sectors of Blue Growth I

(7.5 credits)


(10 credits)

Environmental Pollution

(7.5 credits)

Marine Governance

(7.5 credits)


Remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems

(7.5 credits)

Sectors of Blue Growth II

(7.5 credits)


Shipping pollution

(7.5 credits)

Ship efficiency

(7.5 credits)


Fundamental courses, compulsory for both specializations

Specializing courses, compulsory for Blue Growth

Specializing courses, compulsory for Quality in Shipping

Applied seminars compulsory for both specializations

Final Thesis


Language: English

Location: University of Piraeus Campus