Program Aim

The M.Sc. Course in “Shipping management” aims to provide attendants with the necessary analytical and research skills in order to equip them for critical evaluation of market developments in the shipping environment and undertake relevant managerial and strategic decisions in the field of management.

More specifically this program aims to:

  1. Provide advanced understanding of the diverse subjects, which comprise the shipping management function and a critical evaluation of the relationships between them.
  2. Analyze ways of organization and management of shipping companies
  3. Know the characteristics of shipping companies
  4. Develop applicable business skills on specific shipping business areas.
  5. Enable participants to handle decision-making processes in the shipping sector from a management perspective.
  6. Develop the skills of critical analysis and apply them in shipping business real cases and problems.

The key features of the Program are:

  1. The program mainly focuses on specific shipping business areas of advantage (like bulk dry and wet cargo etc.) and enhances business skills as well as management decision criteria related to these areas.
  2. Leadership orientation: Applicants can focus on leadership courses and gain professional “hands on” experience on the targeted fields.
  3. Professional Orientation: the program structure is strongly linked to professional bodies and Classification Societies’ curricula of certified training courses required from shoreside personnel in shipping.
  4. Full-time and Part-time program: Applicants may apply either as full-time (12 months) or part-time (24 months).
  5. Languages of delivery and assessment: The course is taught and assessed in English.
  6. Guest Lectures: The course further enhances the participants to the practical focus of shipping fields, as the majority of the modules are vocational oriented. Through practitioners lectures, company visits and case studies participants have the opportunity to learn how theoretical shipping concepts produce real business solutions.