ITMO Fellowship and Professorship program collaboration.

Internationalization department of ITMO University is running ITMO Fellowship and Professorship Program, designed to bring the best scientists from around the world to ITMO to share their expertise and to expand their professional network. The Program offers short term (Micro Fellowship, Visiting Lecturer) and long term (PostDoc, Professorship) visits to ITMO University.

Researchers are expected to contribute to the research held in the hosting Unit by active cooperation with its staff, writing and publishing articles on the topic of collaborative scientific work, and sharing their international experience with students. 


 ITMO top research fields:IT and Information Security, Smart Technologies and Robotics, Photonics and Quantum Communications, Life Science and Translational Medicine, Natural Sciences and “Smart” Materials, and more. 


You can learn more about ITMO Fellowship and Professorship Program here (