Procurement Department

Procurement Department

General description – Objectives

The term ‘Procurement’ refers to all purchases of goods, works and services considered necessary for the operation of the University. These procurements shall be made through procedures in accordance with applicable legislation. The main objective of these procedures is to find the most appropriate and advantageous offer. This page presents in a comprehensive and concise manner the procedures followed for the procurement of materials/services in order to illustrate the procedures, to facilitate the users as well as to provide direct access to the information for those interested.

Responsibilities of the Department

The collection of the requests submitted, the processing and preparation of the annual procurement plan and its submission for approval to the competent authorities.

To carry out tendering procedures in accordance with the legislation in effect.

The receipt of the items purchased by the Institution, charging them to the relevant books, charging the non consumables to the departments and managers, issuing import-export vouchers.

The disposal of waste material or its destruction in accordance with the legislation in effect.

Taking care of the operation of the warehouse and taking care of the inventory of the movable and immovable property of the Institution.

Monitoring the implementation of the procurement programme and submitting the relevant accounts.

Safeguarding the letters of guarantee for participation in tenders and letters of guarantee for participation in tenders and letters of guarantee for satisfactory performance, and their return upon presentation of a letter of guarantee for satisfactory performance or full performance of the contract, respectively.

The handling of procedures for the supply of supplies from abroad, the clearance of goods imported from abroad and the granting of duty relief.

Keeping the necessary books and records.

Managing and exploiting property, arranging for the leasing or hiring of property and keeping the relevant records. Ensuring the acceptance or renunciation of inheritances, legacies or donations. Ensuring the repair and maintenance of the Foundation’s property in cooperation with the Technical Works Department.