Academic Identity

Academic Identity

The academic identity card, which is provided through central electronic services of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, takes the form of a plastic or smart card and supports multiple benefits for all members of Greek higher education institutions (students of the three cycles of study, lecturers, administrative and technical staff, etc.), as well as members of research institutions (research, administrative and technical staff).

All undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students of the University of Piraeus can apply online for a new academic ID card, which has strong durability and security features against forgery. In addition, it is designed to be valid for as many years as the student status lasts, and covers multiple uses, in addition to the Student Ticket (Pass). The cards will be delivered to the pick-up point chosen by each student when submitting his/her application, without any financial charge. The new cards will indicate the exact period of validity of the Student Ticket entitlement and, in the event that the student is not entitled to a Student Ticket, the card will take the place of a simple identity card.

From the academic year 2014-15, professors, researchers and staff of the University of Piraeus can apply for an Academic Identity Card. The new ID card is a means of physical identification and digital authentication of its holder and supports additional digital signature and encryption services. The Academic ID is produced with high-security features, which exclude its forgery and can be used for:

  • the physical and electronic authentication of the identity and status of the beneficiary
  • use of the personal digital certificate which provides services such as digital signature.

It is noted that along with the academic ID card, beneficiaries are issued with a compatible academic ID reader/writer. More information can be found on the website