Athletics at the University of Piraeus is the antidote to the sedentary life and the stress that the modern lifestyle accumulates.

It offers a set of different activities so that each student can practice sports depending on the interest and skill level. It expresses the philosophy that the sport student can adopt for a healthy lifestyle.  It keeps up the level of competitive sports because the teachers of Physical Education are qualified to teach sport. It gives the opportunity to acquire technical training in a variety of sports offered. It creates a condition for participation and easy access to sporting activities. It provides opportunities for participation in competitions at home and abroad, both in mass and in fighting sports. Develop the spirit of democracy. Students have equal rights to participation and develop the spirit of teamwork and cooperation.

The Philosophy of Sport program implemented at the University of Piraeus is based on a single three-dimensional expression of the human being: body, soul and spirit, which tries to combine and highlight.

The purpose of sporting activities is to:
1. cultivate character sports consciousness and sports participants
2. utilize their free time,
3. provides entertainment

Through his involvement with sports students show that they can:
1. make their physical condition better
2. try the experience of teamwork, cooperation and effort
3. understand the physical and mental capabilities
4. feel the pleasure offered or practice
5. enjoy the physical and mental euphoria that followed after exercise

The program is organized in three directions:

1st Direction
Organized recreational sport

Priority is given to all students, not necessarily knowledgeable about sports and encourage them to work out without too much pressure guidelines and specifications.


2nd Direction
Playing sports

The opportunity to those who have a special talent in a sport to be distinguished by taking part in competitions at home and abroad.


3rd Direction
Free recreational sports, combined with cultural activities

Enable students to work out anytime they want by doing whatever activity they wish, under the guidance of experienced trainers. In this direction, combined with the Sport Culture.


The program starts from October 1 and ends on May 31 of each academic year.

Registrations are made at the Office Sports and 10.00 to 13.00 hours.
Address: 40, Karaoli and Dimitriou, ground floor, and Tel 210.4142527 Fax: 210.4142572

The bulletin board of the Office of Sports posted where all relevant information is located on the first floor of the main building (across from the room 101). From the Sports Desk can be communicated changes to the program.

Students / athletes are only three clubs are asked to declare the Sports Office to include representative groups of the university.