The Senate consists of the following:

  • the Rector,
  • the Vice,
  • Deans of faculties,
  • Chairmen of the Boards,
  • one student representative from each department,
  • two representatives of the postgraduate students
  • a representative of the research collaborators,
  • one representative of the Senior Teaching Fellow Members (E.E.D.I.P),
  • a representative of the Senior Technical Staff (E.T.E.P.) and
  • a representative of the administrative staff.

The Senate also involves representatives of associate professors, assistant professors and lecturers in a number equal to one third (1/3) of the Department of the university, which can not be less than six (6) nor greater then the number of the university departments.

When departments exceed fifteen (15) the above representation can be augmented by the Senate by two (2) members, which will come from the most numerous in number of faculty members Department of the university.

The associate professors, assistant professors and the lecturers are appointed by the general assembly of departments of which they are members, rotating each year - a series which is determined by the rector according to department and rank - so that each department is represented at least once.

The secretary of the university attents the meetings of the Senate, but does not vote.

Due to a change of rectors, the new composition of the Senate will be announced after the completion of the relevant procedures.