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Secretariats of Academic Departments

School of Economics, Business and International Studies

Department of Economics
Department of Business Administration
Department of International and European Studies

School of Finance and Statistics

Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
Department of Banking and Financial Management

School of Maritime and Industrial Studies

Department of Industrial Management and Technology
Department of Maritime Studies

School of Information Technology and Communications

Department of Informatics
Department of Digital Systems
Division of Studies and Student Welfare
  (Ιssues of Undergraduate Studies, Postgraduate Studies and Student Welfare)
Division of Administration
  (Ιssues of Educational and Administrative Personnel)
Division of Financial Services
  (Ιssues of Purchasing, Accounting and Payroll)
Division of IT and Technical Services
  (Ιssues of Information Systems, Networks, Users Support and Technical Services)
Division of Academic Institutions
  (Ιssues related to the Senate)
Department of International and Public Relations
  (Issues relating to International Relations - ERASMUS and Public Relations)
  (Issues related to books, magazines, etc.)