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International Relations Office

The University of Piraeus with a strong presence and reputation in the wider international scientific and academic, has throughout its long journey of important work with remarkable results in the field of international relations and partnerships with academic institutions abroad.

Specifically, in this context the Department has the responsibility of co accents and management of scientific cooperation agreements concluded by the University equivalent universities or equivalent higher institutions of Europe, the Balkans and Black Sea countries, Russia, the United States ., Canada, Australia, Middle and Far East.

The agreements relate to many disciplines, benefiting the scientific staff, students and institutions participating in them.

The Department also undertakes all necessary steps each year to the University of Piraeus to participate in international meetings (International Association of Universities, European Association of Universities, etc.) to inform and contribute to its presence in the decisions and actions relating to education and higher education in general. The presence of the University of Piraeus in international affairs, strengthened by active participation in 5 international associations and organizations.

International Office