The Graduate Studies at the University announces the opening applications for the next academic year.

Department of Business Administration
    a Graduate Program in Business Administration (MBA)
    b. MBA TQM - European Master in Business Administration- MBA TQM - European Master in Business Administration- Total Quality Management (TQM-EMPS.DE)
    c. MBA Tourism Management - MSc in
MBA Tourism Management - MSc in Business Administration - Tourism Management
    d. Executive MBA

    Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
    a. MSc in "Applied Statistics"
    b. MSc in "Actuarial Science and Risk Management"

    Department of Finance and Banking
    a. In "Banking and Financial Management"
    b. In the "Financial Analysis for Business Executives"
    c. In the "Financial and Institutional Framework of money and capital markets"
    d. M.Sc. Banking and Financial Markets

    Department of Industrial Management and Technology
    In the "Organization and Management of Industrial Systems" and includes
    two specializations:
    a. «Logistics» (Product Supply and Distribution)
    b. "Energy Management and Environmental Protection"

    Department of Maritime Studies
    In the "Shipping"

    Department of Economics
    a. In "Financial and Business Strategy"
    b. In "Health Management"

Department of Digital Systems
    a.In "Technology Education &   Digital Systems"
    b.In "Techno-economic Management & Security of Digital Systems"

    Department of Computer Science
    a.In "Advanced Information Systems"
    b. In "Informatics"

    Department of International and European Studies
    In "International and European Studies"


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