In Greek

The following books are/have been used as main undergraduate course books in many Greek Universities and Technological Institutes (University of Piraeus, University of Athens, Athens University University of Economics and Business, University of Aegean, University of Ioannina, University of Patras, University of Crete, Technological Institute of Athens, Technological Institute of Larisa etc) in a variety of departments (Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science, Finance etc)
  1. An Introduction to Statistics, Vol. I: Parametric estimation and confidence interval estimation (co-authored with Ch. Damianou), 2003.
  2. An Introduction to Statistics, Vol. II: Hypothesis testing, regression analysis, analysis of variance and non-parametric statistics (co-authored with Ch. Damianou), 1998
  3. An Introduction to Optimization Methods (co-authored with T. Cacoullos), 1988
  4. An Introduction to Combinatorics, 2006
  5. An Introduction to Probability, Vol. I: Probability calculus and theory of univariate distributions, 2004
  6. An Introduction to Probability, Vol.II: Theory of bivariate and multivariate distributions, 2005
  7. Probability Exercises, Volume I (co-authored with D. Antzoulakos and V. Benos), 2004
  8. Probability Exercises, Volume II (co-authored with D. Antzoulakos), 2016
  9. Applied Mathematics, 2009, Eugenidion Publications
  10. Regression Analysis (co-authored with H. Evangelaras), 2010
  11. Regression Analysis: Exercises and problems using statistical packages (co-authored with H. Evangelaras), 2016
  12. Probability Theory and Applications, 20126

In English

  1. Statistical Distributions: Theory and Inference (Special volume, co-edited with Ch. A. Charalambides and N. Balakrishnan), CRC Press 2000.
  2. Runs, Scans and Applications (monograph, co-authored with with N. Balakrishnan), John Wiley 2001.
  3. Introduction to Probability: Univariate Distributions (textbook, co-authored with N. Balakrishnan and K. Politis), John Wiley, to be published in 2018.
  4. Introduction to Probability: Multivariate Distributions (textbook, co-authored with N. Balakrishnan and K. Politis), John Wiley , to be published in 2018.
  5. Handbook of Scan Statistics (reference work/encyclopedia, co-edited with J. Glaz), Springer, to be published in 2018.
  6. Reliability analysis and plans for successive testing: Start-up demonstrations tests and applications (textbook, co-authored with N. Balakrishnan and F. S. Milienos), Elsevier, to be published in 2018.