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ÐñïóùðéêÞ óåëßäá : http://www.unipi.gr/faculty/dep.php?dep=pelagidi

  • Academic Interests and Teaching* Political Economy, Economics of Monetary Union (Macro & Micro), International Economic Integration, Institutional Economics, Economics of Business, the Greek Economy. *Teaching 2008: Classes at UTexas Austin, American University, CUNY, San Francisco SU, UC Berkeley
  • • 2008: Onassis and Fulbright Prof. Scholar Spring semester. CUNY & Columbia University, USA.
  • International Publications: 49 (40 journals + 9 articles in Volumes) Refereed Journal Publications: 40 (28 econlit. catal. + 9 no econlit + 3 Book Rev. articles/reply letter). • “Economic Policies in Greece During 1990-1993: An Assessment”, Center for European Studies (CES) Working Paper, 46#, Harvard University, 1994; also: The Journal of Modern Greek Studies, 23(1), 1997, 67-85, J. Hopkins University Press (final version) (no Econlit.) • “Politiques Economiques et Déstructuration Industrielle dans les Pays Développés depuis les Années ‘80”, L’Actualité Economique: Revue d’Analyse Economique (Société Canadienne de Science Economique), 72(1), 1996, 79-97. • “Europe on the Road to the Third Stage of EMU: Recent Evidence” Cahiers Economiques de Bruxelles/Brussels Economic Review, 152(4), 1996, 451-486 (final version). Also: CES Harvard Working Paper, 7.2#, 1997 (earlier version). • «Optimum Currency Area Approach and the Third Stage of EMU: Á Review of Recent Evidence», International Review of Economics and Business, XLIII(4), 1996, 759-790. • «La Flexibilité du Travail dans le Secteur du Textile et de l'Habillement en Grèce du Nord: une Etude Empirique», Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations, 52(1), 114-137, 1997, Canada (no Econlit). • «Divergent Real Economies in Europe», Economy and Society, 26(4), November 1997, 546-559. • «European Unemployment: Myths and Realities», Challenge. The Magazine of Economic Affairs, 41(4), 1998, 76-89. • «Social Cohesion as a Competitive Advantage», Briefing Notes in Economics, 42, 1999, 1-8. • «Economic Policy Mix and European Unemployment», Industrial Relations Quarterly Review, 54(4), 1999, 775-789 (no Econlit). • "Globalization or Regionalism? States, Markets and the Structure of International Trade", (with H. 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Also, European Trade Study Group (ETSG) working paper 2001 (earlier version). • "Deficits, Growth and the Current Slowdown: What Role for Fiscal Policy?", (with E. Desli), Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, 26(3), 2004, 461-470. • “State Monopoly in Higher Education and Rent Seeking” (with M. Mitsopoulos), Journal of Educational Planning and Administration,, XX(3), 2006. Also SSRN working paper No. 890541. • “Does Staffing Affect the Time to Dispose Cases in Greek Courts” (with M. Mitsopoulos), International Review of Law and Economics, 27(2), June, 2007. Also SSRN working paper No. 705366. • “Expensive Living: the Greek Experience Under the Euro” (with T. Toay), Review of European Economic Policy. Intereconomics, 42(3), July-August, 2007. SSRN working paper No.921751 and Levy Institute working paperNo.484/2007, Springer. • “Rent-Seeking and Ex-Post Acceptance of Reform in Higher Education” (with M. Mitsopoulos), Journal of Economic Policy Reform, 10(3), 2007. 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Pipeline & submitted papers (5) • "Constitutional Design and Corruption”, (with M. Mitsopoulos), presented to Public Choice Conference 2009 and submitted to Economics of Governance • “Financial Integration and Monetary Policy. Can we Escape the Inconsistent Trinity?” (with G. Chortareas and P. Arestis), paper in process, to be submitted to The World Economy. • “Trade Flows: A Facet of Regionalism or Globalization? A Rejoinder” (with E. Desli, G. Chortareas and P. Arestis), paper submitted to Cambridge Journal of Economics • “Greece and Ireland. A Brief Comparison of their Policies and Economic Conditions” (with M. Mitsopoulos), paper in process to be submitted to Briefing Notes in Economics. • “Investment Banks and the Conflicts of Interest”, note to be submitted to The American Prospect Edited volumes & Monographs/Books 1+1) • Welfare State and Democracy in Crisis: Reforming the European Model (with J.Milios and L.T. Katseli eds), 2001, Aldershot, Ashgate Publishers, April. Book Review, in Journal of Industrial Relations, 44(2): 305, by D. Groutsis. Articles by A. Sen (Nobel Prize in Economics 1999), L. Panitch, J. Huffschmid, M. Dunford, G. Carchedi, R. Wolff, etc. • Understanding the Greek Crisis. From Boom to Bust, MacMillan/Palgrave, 2010/11 Autumn/Winter (forthcoming). Monograph. Books (monographs) in Greek = 11 Publications in Greek journals/ edited volumes (65) including: Greek Review of Political Science, Science and Society, Monthly Review (Greek edition), Review of Urban & Regional Studies (Topos), Taseis yearly, Hellenic Justice, Revue des Droits de l’Homme (Bruylant/Sakkoulas), New Sociology, Theseis, International and European Politics, Studies (Vima) in International Relations, Europeans’ Polity.