University Vision and Mission

University Vision and Mission


The Vision of the University of Piraeus is to be an institution of international standing in the modern Academic Map and to be recognized for:

  • excellence in education and research,
  • the production, dissemination and application of cutting-edge knowledge,
  • its leading role in shaping values and addressing contemporary scientific, social and economic challenges.

The mission of the University of Piraeus is to educate, to produce new knowledge, to cultivate the spirit of young people, and to promote the values of freedom, democracy and to contribute to the affairs of Greece. In particular, the mission of the University is:

  1. To produce and transmit knowledge through research and teaching, to prepare students for its application in all areas of economic and social life,
  2. To provide high-quality higher education and contribute to lifelong learning through modern teaching methods, including distance learning, based on scientific and technological research at the highest level of quality, in accordance with internationally recognised criteria,
  3. To promote excellence in education and the use of knowledge, to develop scientists with values,
  4. To develop and support research as well as to address challenges in cutting-edge areas,
  5. To contribute to the advancement of entrepreneurship and the development of innovation,
  6. To promote extroversion and cooperation with academic, research, social and other bodies for the development of the Foundation and society,
  7. To act as a pole of reference, a field of fruitful dialogue and free development of ideas for the local and national economic and social ecosystem.

In the context of the above mission, the University of Piraeus provides quality and comprehensive education, in line with the latest trends in science, technology and international scientific practice.